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With the current virus impacting manufacturing in China, global supply chains in IT have been hit hard. As it stands now, the OEM lead times are so far out, some don’t even have dates for shipments. But the secondary market isn’t disrupted—it’s thriving. Companies are turning to the secondary market for procuring IT hardware quickly and support their remote workers.

It’s no secret that this channel alternative approach to IT procurement saves companies money−40-70%, in fact−and now many organizations that have turned to the secondary market out of necessity are seeing the benefits of working with independent distributors, including:

Lower Cost of Ownership

The secondary market distributors aren’t tied to OEM partnership agreements or discount categories−meaning they have access to the global marketplace and the best possible pricing.

High Availability and Reduced Lead Times

The secondary market hasn’t been as heavily impacted as the OEM supply chain. In most cases, quotes can be configured, and orders shipped worldwide with 24-48 hours, eliminating the uncertain OEM lead times. Companies have been able to continue procuring IT hardware quickly, despite the supply chain slowdown by purchasing products already in the marketplace.

Unbiased Recommendations

As independent distributors, secondary hardware resellers aren’t tied to one OEM alone. These vendor-neutral companies take a more consultative approach when making hardware recommendations and can offer products from all best-in-class manufacturers.

Procuring IT Hardware Quickly for Temporary Demands

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) provides solutions for companies requiring temporary solutions. Rentals are ideal for:

  • Benchmarking
  • Seasonal Spikes
  • Data Center Relocations
  • Proof-of-Concept Testing

… and other short-term demands.

Additionally, many independent distributors offer flexible buyout options for customers who want to “try before they buy.”

Much like cloud, HaaS scales to your needs and provides you with the necessary resources in the timeframe you require. In the meantime, the hardware reseller provides maintenance on the equipment, delivering according to improved SLAs over the OEMs.

Your on-premises hardware is still a critical component to your overall processes (no matter how much hype we hear about cloud). You still need to do what it takes to keep your physical environments optimized and aligned with your business goals.

CentricsIT has architected HaaS to be highly scalable and customizable, enabling us to easily align our solution bundles to your specific project needs, not just in the present, but also as your company evolves and advances in the industry. Most importantly, we understand that what your company needs is critically dependent on who you are and what your goals are, so before our IT design team makes a recommendation, we take the time to get to know you, your processes, and your upcoming projects as a whole. We’re going to help you find the right solution for your needs—because we’re making the rules.

Things to Look for in a Secondary IT Hardware Provider

Think of buying used servers, storage, and networking equipment like you would any other secondary-market purchase (a pre-owned car, for instance). If you educate yourself, ask the right questions, and buy from a reputable company, you’ll see a much more flexible IT budget and cost-efficient data center.

Ask the secondary IT hardware reseller if:

  1. The reseller issues a warranty on all hardware purchases
  2. Its used IT equipment is certified for OEM maintenance upon request
  3. The reseller operates out of a secure office and warehouse facility
  4. Can provide account references and customer testimonials
  5. The reseller employs trained technicians who methodically test and inspect the equipment

As for warning signs that a secondary IT hardware provider isn’t reputable, look for a comprehensive company website, strong customer service, and signals that the deal is “too good to be true.” Avoid online auction websites where you are unable to assess a company’s reputation. A good secondary hardware reseller will provide warranties for your equipment. Don’t trust those that sell you on “as is” goods.

Procure Secondary IT Hardware from a Global Leader

Recognized by CRN and profiled by Gartner, CentricsIT is a global leader in the secondary IT hardware market. With 155+ secure stocking locations (SSLs) in over 90 countries, CentricsIT holds tens of millions of dollars’ worth of server, storage, and networking inventory in secure stocking locations worldwide. This includes hardware from every major OEM.

If you need to quickly deploy a switch or server to enable remote work or to augment your disaster recovery strategy, contact the team at CentricsIT to learn what we have in stock. We can ship same-day worldwide and provide custom configuration services when needed. Because we currently have this inventory in stock, we are not impacted by the current delays in the supply chain.

CentricsIT engages a global network of highly vetted engineers, ready to deploy part-in-hand when and where you need them.

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