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Keeping Your Business Up and Running During the Outbreak

Even the most comprehensive disaster recovery planning is unlikely to account for a global health crisis like we face together now. The spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has rocked global markets and impacted daily life and business in a way that was nearly impossible to prepare for.

While the health and safety of all people remains top priority, IT leaders are being tasked with facilitating their global workforces to remain as productive as possible—but not all businesses are fully equipped to enable employees to work efficiently remotely. Challenges for ramping up this effort include delays in the supply chain and an inability to quickly scale IT support on demand.

While we are taking every precaution to limit the spread of COVID-19 amongst our global workforce and protect the health of our partners and customers, our existing business model is already designed to be as adaptive and flexible as possible on a global scale. We react to changing IT needs every day.

Our existing business model is already designed to be as adaptive and flexible as possible on a global scale. We react to changing IT needs every day.

Below are several ways the team at CentricsIT is helping its customers adapt swiftly to these unique challenges and keep their employees connected from anywhere.

Laptop Rentals

CentricsIT can provide short or long-term laptop rentals with your custom image pre-loaded. We manage support and advanced exchange replacement services (device-as-a-service) for employees in any global region. If you require a swift deployment of laptops to enable your remote workforce, we can help.

Channel-Alternative Supply Chain for Hardware Sourcing (Servers, Storage, Networking)

CentricsIT holds tens of millions of dollars’ worth of server, storage, and networking inventory in secure stocking locations worldwide. This includes hardware from every major OEM. If you need to quickly deploy a switch or server to enable remote work or to augment your disaster recovery strategy, contact the team at CentricsIT to learn what we have in stock. We can ship same-day worldwide and provide custom configuration services when needed. Because we currently have this inventory in stock, we are not impacted by the current delays in the supply chain.

Global On-Demand Engineering Services (Break-Fix/IT Personnel Augmentation and Backfill)

If your team is impacted by illness or requires additional hands-on support to deploy mission critical IT services, the team at CentricsIT is equipped to deploy field engineers on-demand, anywhere in the world, to handle break/fix, installs, deployments, diagnostics, help desk, and more. We are still deploying engineers for critical projects, even in heavily impacted regions, but we are taking extreme precautions to protect their health and the health of the clients they visit. Whenever possible, engineers are being asked to remote into networks to deploy services, and when a client visit is necessary, we have communicated steps all engineers must take to ensure they are not putting others at risk.

Contact CentricsIT for Assistance

If you need help designing, deploying, or managing your remote workforce enablement strategy, contact the team at CentricsIT. Our experts can help you understand your options, given your timeline and budgetary needs.

We’re here to support you through this. We continue to do everything we can to keep our customers up and running to minimize the impact on their businesses as much as possible.