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Each quarter, the CentricsIT executive team selects one sales employee and one operations employee to honor as Employees of the Quarter. These individuals have gone above and beyond their job responsibilities and helped the entire organization succeed this quarter.

Congratulations to our current Employees of the Quarter: Susan Bohman (Sales) and Jacob Smith (Operations).

Meet Susan and Jacob:

Susan Bohman, Account Executive (Direct Sales)

SusanI started at CentricsIT: Feb. 5, 2007
My role at CentricsIT: I sell multiple hardware platforms and maintenance services directly to end users.
The best part about my job: The ability to help my customers solve problems by selling solutions that truly make a difference and seeing them happy with the results.
How my work affects my team and the company as a whole: Hopefully people see that cross-selling multiple product lines is essential in order to grow.
A fun fact about myself: I can take the tune of a song and make up my own words to tell a completely different story than the original song. And I create it to rhyme perfectly. My kids love it and they make me do it daily.

Jacob Smith, Warehouse Team Lead

JakeI started at CentricsIT: Sep. 7, 2010
My role at CentricsIT: I oversee daily tasks of the warehouse, including receiving, stocking, and shipping.
The best part about my job: I enjoy working with the sales team and the engineers to ensure that items are received and shipped in a proper manner.
How my work affects my team and the company as a whole: I try to make sure that the proper procedures are used in receiving and shipping by the rest of the guys in the warehouse to help the company keep growing.
A fun fact about myself: An interesting fact that most do not know about me is that I played on a travel hockey team in high school.