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At CentricsIT, we are your IT experts. We are here to help with any IT issue that arises in your data center. If there is an error code that you can’t fix, we can help in our monthly FixIT column. This month, we are focusing on the HP Error Code MEM_SBE_IN_ECHELON.

Error Code:



A correctable DIMM error has been established. This is an alert level 2 event ID.


This error code will most commonly occur in the HP Superdome Server SX1000 and HP Integrity Superdome SX1000 firmware. You should see a reporting entity. Once you do, scroll down into logs to distinguish defective DIMM or DIMMs.


Memory DIMM cabinet 0 cell 4 DIMM 6b.

In this instance you will need to power the server down, replace suspect DIMM, and then bring the server back up. Doing so should repair the issue.


Previously, the Echelon data values reported in the MEM_SBE_IN_ECHELON did not have the correct values. In the PA SFW version 23.1 fix, the firmware was modified to report the correct echelon information.

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