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Your Needs:

  1. Storage efficiency
  2. Easily managed equipment with smooth virtualization
  3. Smooth migrations

How We See IT:

Part of the new IBM PureFlex™ Systems, the IBM V7000 is a member of a family of products designed to help you integrate networking, storage, server and management systems for IBM Power Systems™ and IBM System x® architectures. The V7000 consolidates workloads into a single system, allowing you to reduce your costs, scale your capacity, and achieve higher availability like never before. Edison’s Competitive Management Cost Study found that the IBM V7000 is 34% less time-consuming in weighted workday savings and 37% less complex than managing an EMC VNX5500. If efficiency and smooth operation are the name of your game, the IBM V7000 is for you.

Storage Efficiency

In a world where every penny counts, you can save a bundle with the V7000’s remarkably efficient storage capabilities. The V7000 now supports Real-time Compression, allowing up to five times more storage space than physical available space. Thin provisioning allows you to purchase only the disk capacity you need, and the IBM Easy feature analyzes usage patterns and migrates data between storage tiers in real time to ensure your space is used at maximum efficiency.

Easy to Manage and Virtualize

Complexity within your IT structure can result in major expenses over time. The V7000 simplifies your IT infrastructure so you can handle the ever-changing marketplace and manage your equipment more efficiently. The V7000 has advanced functions that enable rapid deployment without additional resources. Using Storwize V7000 Unified Disk System you can virtualize and reuse existing disk systems and keep more money in your pocket. Manage your servers and storage with the simple graphical user interface that can improve your storage utilization up to 30% and enable your experts to spend less time managing and more time innovating.

Excellent Handling of Unpredictable Workloads and Migrations

Nondisruptive migration from existing storage allows simpler implementation and reduces disruption to users. The V7000 Unified Disk system consolidates block and file workloads and the Storwize V7000 system allows for block-only workloads for simplicity of management during migrations at a reduced cost. Unprecedented availability means your end users can access their data whenever they want it without missing a beat.

Want More Information?

If your large enterprise has a data center that demands storage efficiency, simplified management and virtualization, and excellent workload handling, request a quote from CentricsIT. We know you will be pleased with our pricing versus the OEM and our competitors. Each and every one of the IBM products distributed by CentricsIT is backed by our certified team of trained engineers who will be there to assist if any problem should ever arise.