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How We See IT: IBM Power System S824

Hot Points: Improvement on System Performance Swifter Acquisition of Insights Energy Efficiency For this month’s How We See IT column, we will be focusing on the IBM Power System S824. This line offers improvements on system performance and swifter acquisition of insights, while efficiently using energy. IBM S824 has the following features: Scale-out POWER8 processor Two socket server 4U drawer configuration Accommodates up to 24 CPU cores with 3.52 GHz Improvement on System Performance With the SMT8 feature, the system performance of the IBM Power System S824 has increased the amount of workloads with large or frequently changing sets. The IBM Power System S824 has the capacity to invoke up to eight concurrent threads per core, schedule threads per core and designate or change the primary thread. The server can [...]

How We See IT: IBM V7000

Your Needs: Storage efficiency Easily managed equipment with smooth virtualization Smooth migrations How We See IT: Part of the new IBM PureFlex™ Systems, the IBM V7000 is a member of a family of products designed to help you integrate networking, storage, server and management systems for IBM Power Systems™ and IBM System x® architectures. The V7000 consolidates workloads into a single system, allowing you to reduce your costs, scale your capacity, and achieve higher availability like never before. Edison’s Competitive Management Cost Study found that the IBM V7000 is 34% less time-consuming in weighted workday savings and 37% less complex than managing an EMC VNX5500. If efficiency and smooth operation are the name of your game, the IBM V7000 is for you. Storage Efficiency In a world where every penny [...]