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Hot Points:

  • Improvement on System Performance
  • Swifter Acquisition of Insights
  • Energy Efficiency

For this month’s How We See IT column, we will be focusing on the IBM Power System S824. This line offers improvements on system performance and swifter acquisition of insights, while efficiently using energy. IBM S824 has the following features:

  • Scale-out
  • POWER8 processor
  • Two socket server
  • 4U drawer configuration
  • Accommodates up to 24 CPU cores with 3.52 GHz

Improvement on System Performance

With the SMT8 feature, the system performance of the IBM Power System S824 has increased the amount of workloads with large or frequently changing sets. The IBM Power System S824 has the capacity to invoke up to eight concurrent threads per core, schedule threads per core and designate or change the primary thread. The server can also run 192 programs at the same time because of SMT8.

Swifter Acquisition of Insights

As companies accumulate multitudes of data, the need for servers to support big data and deliver detailed insights, fast arises. Operating with the POWER8 processor, the S824 is highly capable of swifter acquisition of insights among the large amount of data. The Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) facilitates smart acceleration and assists in speeding up the process for key workloads. The Power systems are optimized, flexible in supporting demands, operational in business intelligence settings, and can assist with analytical solutions.

Energy Efficiency

Seeing how much data and speed IBM Power System S824 can deliver, it is surprising that the machine is so power efficient. The energy consumption of the machine depends on usage. When S824 is idle, the power usage is low. When it is used in moderation, the performance per watt is more efficient. The conservation of power is due to the EnergyScale technology that packs more optimized performance for every watt used. It also enables energy control with its power saver mode and dynamic power saver mode features. IBM Power System S824 provides improved system performance and swift acquisition of insights while being energy efficient.

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