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At CentricsIT, we are your IT experts. We are here to help with any IT issue that arises in your data center. If there is an error code that you can’t fix, we can help in our monthly FixIT column. In this post, we are focusing on HP error code: PD_INCOMPATIBLE_CPU_SPEEDS.

Error Code:



One or more processors have slightly degraded, but not enough to error out a specific processor. CPU degradation can be defined as the process by which a CPU loses its ability to sustain an equivalent overclock. This can often be sustained by increasing core voltage levels.


Remove the suspect cell and add one processor at a time until the problematic processor is identified.


Use caution if you chose to run CPUs in excess of their rated specifications, as doing so can reduce the useful of your CPU. Increased frequency increases drive higher load temperatures, resulting in reduced useful life. Better cooling is a safe investment for those looking for longer, more consistent CPU operation and a more positive margin for an extensive period of time.

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