Success Stories: How These Companies Made Smarter Decisions with CentricsIT

CentricsIT has helped companies across verticals, all over the world, make smarter decisions about their IT delivery. By prioritizing value and strategically redistributing spend, these proud clients achieved extraordinary success implementing IT lifecycle management solutions from CentricsIT—and so can you.


A Multinational Biopharmaceutical Company Success Story

SUCCESS STORY: CentricsIT Provides Global VAR with Long-Term Dedicated Support and Credentialing for Biotech Client BUSINESS CHALLENGES This end user required on-call engineer dispatch and dedicated technical support, including credentialing, for all employees worldwide. SOLUTION REQUIREMENTS The VAR’s solutions requirements included coverage in [...]


Financial Analytics Company Success Story

SUCCESS STORY: CentricsIT Helps VAR Partner Migrate Global Capital Market Client to Windows 10 BUSINESS CHALLENGES CentricsIT’s partner needed to migrate 24,000 of its client’s end users from Windows 7 to Windows 10 by the end of the year. The client turned to CentricsIT’s partner after its first [...]


Large Non-Profit Healthcare Company Success Story

SUCCESS STORY: CentricsIT partners with a healthcare organization to streamline ITAD processes, providing efficiency and peace of mind BUSINESS CHALLENGES Medical emergencies can happen at any time, so there is no situation in which patient data can be lost or destroyed. This healthcare company needed reliability and consistency [...]


Global Fashion Retailer Success Story

SUCCESS STORY: CentricsIT Provides Dedicated Support to Leading Global VAR Partner BUSINESS CHALLENGES Our partner was tasked with a global IT hardware rollout to all of the retailer’s store locations. The company needed one vendor to support the entire project across the US and Canada. They also required [...]


Financial Company Success Story

SUCCESS STORY: CentricsIT Deploys Regional Field Engineers to Support VAR Partner BUSINESS CHALLENGES The bank acquired another financial institution and was tasked with refreshing technology to an improved standard at 47 locations in one weekend. This seemed like an impossible task. The client had never outsourced IT refreshes, [...]


Multinational Technology Company Success Story

SUCCESS STORY: CentricsIT Helps a Major OEM Support Thousands of Servers Globally with Scheduled Engineering BUSINESS CHALLENGES The technology giant buys pre-racked servers by the thousands from our partner, the cloud infrastructure OEM. After receiving the pre-racked servers, the OEM ships them around the world to accomplish point [...]


Global Building Materials Supplier Success Story

SUCCESS STORY: CentricsIT designs custom-fit support solution for global supplier of building materials. BUSINESS CHALLENGES The company had its maintenance accounts distributed across several OEMs, and it was looking to establish a centralized support center for all its locations around the world. Reducing maintenance spend was also a major [...]


Media Entertainment Company Success Story

SUCCESS STORY: CentricsIT helps a multi-billion dollar mass media entertainment company remove and decommissioned assets while ensuring maximum ROI. BUSINESS CHALLENGES This mass media entertainment company had only 2 months to shut down and re-haul its IT operations in Columbus, Ohio. There were approximately 1,250 machines in the [...]


Telecommunications Provider Success Story

SUCCESS STORY: A telecommunications provider required data center moving services, while maintaining strict time constraints. BUSINESS CHALLENGES The telecommunications organization wanted to build a new data center after decommissioning its old one, but its team lacked the time and resources necessary to accomplish the move to the new [...]


Health Insurance Organization Success Story

SUCCESS STORY: CentricsIT provides a health insurance organization with a smarter maintenance solution and 75% savings off SMARTnet MSRP. BUSINESS CHALLENGES This healthcare organization shows untiring dedication to its patients. Consequently, the company must be able to rely on its physical infrastructure and security processes. However, as a [...]