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CentricsIT holds successful blood drive and helps save lives
Over 40 employees were signed up to donate

ATLANTA, June 10, 2015– Centrics Cares, the philanthropic outlet of CentricsIT, held its first blood drive with The American Red Cross organization. A Red Cross Bloodmobile was sent onsite to the company’s facility Monday, Jun. 1 where employees were ready to give blood. The donors were eager and ready to help donate, knowing their efforts were making a huge impact. At the end of the drive, CentricsIT employees donated a grand total of 27 pints of blood, resulting in a highly successful event.

“Every day someone needs blood to save his or her life,” states Austin McLendon, Digital Marketing Coordinator at CentricsIT. “It took an hour out of my workday, and I walked away happy knowing that this was going to help someone in great need one day.”

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates suffering for individuals in the event of trauma and health crises. This organization plays a pivotal role in the nation’s health care system operating as the largest, single supplier of blood and blood products. Each year, American Red Cross collects approximately 5.3 million units of blood from roughly 3.1 million donors. The Red Cross is also a leader in all of the research and testing that goes into production of all viable blood distributed to the nation’s health care providers.

Centrics Cares was launched in 2012 as the company-sponsored charitable initiatives program of CentricsIT. Since the company’s inception in 2007, it has supported numerous charities and wanted to establish an outlet for future philanthropic ventures. The blood drive was the second event of the year for Centrics Cares, and future initiatives will be communicated through the CentricsIT blog and social media outlets.

For more information, contact Sarah Duff, Marketing Communications at [email protected].