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Hot Points:

  • Sun/Oracle’s SPARC T5 Server support mission-critical computing at phenomenal speeds
  • Highly scalable and secure
  • Builds off previous generations and improves features

For this month’s How We See IT column, we are featuring the Sun/Oracle’s SPARC T5 server. If you’re in the market for the best system that handles mission-critical computing, look no further than SPARC’s T5 line. These servers have redefined what it takes for enterprise computing from small operations all the way up to high-end systems and applications. The SPARC servers are designed to have some of the fastest performance speeds and have immense scalability.

As the 5th generation in Oracle’s SPARC T5 family, it stands out because of its processor—designed for high-multithreaded and single threaded performance all on the same chip. Implementation of the SPARC T5 enables powerful management features and combines hardware and software support. The T5 servers also boast integrated cryptographic acceleration that ensure better security within the IT infrastructure. Organizations are able to be proactive in protecting their businesses and prevent unauthorized entities from gaining access to secure data.

An additional feature that comes with the T5 servers is scalability. Whether you are operating at a small scale or the enterprise level, the T5 can maximize performance in any data center. The core-processing speeds are greater regardless of single or multithreaded work. Building on all the perks associated with the T4 servers—eight new S3 generation cores—the T5 servers boast a 16-core chip that enhances without carrying the extra weight. The T5 cores are shrunk down without losing any of its powerful capabilities making the T5 servers so impressive.

Not only do the T5 servers have greater processing power than its predecessors, the bandwidth consists of over 1TB/sec of memory with 14 interconnect fabric lanes, each running at 15Gb/sec. The speed and power is unmatched compared to the T5 servers, and this is why so many companies choose these servers for its operations.

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