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How We See IT: Sun/Oracle SPARC T5 Server

Hot Points: Sun/Oracle’s SPARC T5 Server support mission-critical computing at phenomenal speeds Highly scalable and secure Builds off previous generations and improves features For this month’s How We See IT column, we are featuring the Sun/Oracle’s SPARC T5 server. If you’re in the market for the best system that handles mission-critical computing, look no further than SPARC’s T5 line. These servers have redefined what it takes for enterprise computing from small operations all the way up to high-end systems and applications. The SPARC servers are designed to have some of the fastest performance speeds and have immense scalability. As the 5th generation in Oracle’s SPARC T5 family, it stands out because of its processor—designed for high-multithreaded and single threaded performance all on the same chip. Implementation of the SPARC T5 enables [...]

How We See IT: Oracle SPARC T-Series Servers

At CentricsIT, we are your IT experts, and here is what we have to say about Oracle SPARC T-Series Servers T4-1, T4-2, and T4-4. Your Needs: 1. World-Class Performance 2. Support for Both Single and Multi-threaded Workloads 3. Design Efficiency for Space and Energy Optimization How We See IT: The T-Series is the newest line of servers from the Sun/Oracle line and accomplishes world record performance for a variety of single and multi-threaded application workloads. Applications are consolidated onto a single, highly expandable server with integrated, no-cost virtualization that allows you to scale affordably. Your critical data and services are protected with wire-speed encryption using 16 industry-standard ciphers and only the highest levels of reliability, availability, and serviceability in its division. SPARC T4-1 The SPARC T4-1 Server is all about [...]