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WD’s 6.5-Exabyte Mishap: How to Face the Fallout

WD’s 6.5-Exabyte Mishap: How to Face the Fallout The contamination accident in a Western Digital partner’s facility last month, which resulted in a massive 6.5-exabyte loss, is expected to trigger a price hike in flash SSD products. Sadly, this isn’t the only problem businesses are running into in the IT hardware supply chain: raw material shortages, lengthened [...]

Avoiding Hardware Surcharges Amidst Increasing OEM Lead Times

Avoiding Hardware Surcharges Amidst Increasing OEM Lead Times IT global supply chains are currently experiencing one of the most prolonged and widespread disruptions in recent history. And, as if increasing OEM lead times weren’t causing enough trouble already, businesses are now also getting hit with hardware surcharges. Is there any end in sight for all this madness? [...]

Propel Your Business to Greater Heights with the Leader in FSM Software

Field service management (FSM), in simplest terms defined as the close monitoring of off-site workers, operations, and equipment, is a challenging and strenuous task for managers of most organizations. Considering the varied components involved in field operations—from scheduling technicians to dispatching vehicles and shipping parts to tracking sales teams and managing inventory, plus other essential tasks, it’s not [...]

Five Questions to Ask Your IT Field Services Provider

You’ve already determined to outsource a percentage of your IT tasks to alleviate pressure on your in-house teams. However, not all “full lifecycle” vendors can deliver fully—and globally—on their promises. For multinational companies, contracting with a different IT field services provider for each of your locations adds logistical complications and increasingly complex vendor obligations. Global companies need a [...]

The Value of On Demand Field Engineering Services

This post was contributed by CentricsIT Global Services Executive Don Pettingill and Account Executive Evan Arison. Pettingill and Arison work from the CentricsIT office in Charlotte, NC (USA). Technology organizations continuously struggle with the short term incremental needs of their incident and request management service offerings.  The challenge to deliver high quality consistent outcomes continues to increase in difficulty [...]

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