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The IT industry operates with ever-tightening budgets, swiftly diminishing workforces, and a constant pressure to innovate.

In order to keep up with the pace of digital transformation, you must keep your IT teams trim, yet versatile, requiring your technicians to cover numerous specialties at each of your locations. Often, you have just enough engineering talent on your payroll for day-to-day operations.

You’re maintaining… But that’s not enough to stay ahead of your competitors.

What happens when downtime strikes, breaches occur, or cloud projects arise? For one, you have your CFO to convince. But where do you ultimately find the bandwidth to accomplish your critical IT tasks?

The Human Cloud

What if your IT team was as scalable and efficient as your cloud infrastructure?

When demand is higher at certain sites, you could “spin up” your human cloud as-needed with dedicated datacenter technicians to fight downtime, hardware experts to troubleshoot, or veteran engineers to configure security settings to protect against new attack vectors. And, a cloud initiative comes up on the docket, you could relieve the pressure on your internal IT team by simply bringing in project engineers to implement the migration.

And the list goes on.

Conversely, when you have a natural lull in business or a necessary gap between projects, you could scale your contingent labor back down and rely once again on just your existing in-house IT staff. Like VMs, a human cloud IT solution means that you have the power to spin up more compute power only when necessary—meaning you pay for resources only when you use them.

Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

CentricsIT Makes the Human Cloud a Reality

But enough with hypotheticals. Let’s talk about reality.

CentricsIT saw the industry’s need for a global IT support solution that scales to clients’ needs. So, we made the “human cloud” more than just a “wouldn’t it be nice” scenario. We made it into CentricsIT On-Demand Field Services.

We’ve been in the IT support market for some time now, and as a result of our continued growth, we have built a large global network of skilled engineers to increase the footprint of our workforces. This means we can grant our clients access to an extensive pool of certified L1-L3 engineers that deploy within hours to our clients’ US and international sites to provide support for both Deskside and Datacenter:

  • Break/Fix Hardware
  • Break/Fix Application/OS
  • IMAC
  • Operations
  • Dispatch
  • Recurring Services

This global bandwidth and client-focused business model enable us to support your global efforts and still conform to your ITSM protocols at a more granular level than the OEMs or other massive global services providers can (or care to). By simply acting as an extension of your existing teams through our On-Demand Field Services, we leave you with complete control of your IT operations.

Your Environments Aren’t Getting Any Simpler…

Stop limping along on lean teams. Don’t pay a premium for unqualified services, and eradicate the redundancies of vendor sprawl.

We’re pretty sure your CFO isn’t going to sign off on those extra salaried engineering positions (as much as we might all like them to). Leverage, instead, the optimizations and economical solutions of a human cloud like CentricsIT On-Demand Field Services.