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How We See IT: Sun UltraSPARC Enterprise Servers featuring T2 CPUs

At CentricsIT, we are your IT experts, and here is what we have to say about some of the best servers on the market: Oracle’s Sun UltraSPARC Enterprise Servers T5120, T5220, T5140, and 5240. Your Needs: 1. Highly Dependable Enterprise-Level Servers 2. Servers Built with Reliable and Efficient Parts 3. Eco-Efficient Servers 4. Increased Server Capacity Highly Dependable Setting a world record in Web server performance and performance per watt on the industry-standard SPECweb2005 benchmark, the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server is an outstanding option for your large business, especially if you need to avoid planned outages. This machine, along with the T5120, T5140, and T5240 provide impeccable reliability, availability, and serviceability characteristics that optimize the maximum up-time of business-critical IT services in the large enterprise. Reliable and Efficient Parts [...]