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How We See IT: Dell PowerEdge R820

The Dell PowerEdge R820 is a high-performance server created for dense virtualization and scalability for database applications. It is a 4-socket, 2U rack server, and is a leading performer at running an extensive list of applications and virtualizing environments for enterprises large and small. The Dell PowerEdge is designed with concentrated power to enhance the application capacity in the data center. This is done by expanding your virtual environment by using the PowerEdge's memory footprint and I/O options, as well as using its processing power and flexible fabric choices. Features and Capabilities The Dell PowerEdge R820 features an Intel® Xeon® processor from the E5-4600 product family. There is up to 3 TB of memory available and 16 TB of internal storage. It is compliant with IPMI 2.0 and operates with [...]