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CentricsIT Invites You to Pick Which Animals We Donate this Holiday Season!

The CentricsIT holiday tradition continues, as we once again donate to charity in lieu of corporate gifts. This year, we've chosen Heifer International, a non-profit, global organization committed to its mantra "pass on the gift." Heifer provides impoverished villages with livestock--living gifts that keep giving. Help us pick our animal gifts, and we'll send you a Heifer Honor Card as a keepsake, indicating that we've donated on your behalf! Have very happy holiday knowing you made a difference this season! Read more... ABOUT CENTRICSIT CentricsIT is a top-rated international reseller of surplus technology that prides itself on providing fiĀ­rst-rate customer service and personalized IT solutions. The company launched in 2007 and has since grown to more than 80 employees. CentricsIT is located in Atlanta, GA and was named one of [...]