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As a franchise or retailer, becoming an international organization is a great milestone. With this success, however, comes whole new challenges.

As you expand both domestically and internationally, your company requires more facilities and warehouses to support your business offerings. But establishing the right physical location is just the beginning of your corporate trials.

More than Brick-and-Mortar

“New facility roll-out” is simpler to say than to do.

No matter how recognizable your brand, starting up new franchise locations or retail chains requires a great deal of preemptive work and reliance on your support vendors. And with time and money as some of your most valuable resources, speed-to-launch is of the upmost importance. As soon as you start paying rent on a leased building (or the moment the drywall is installed, and the paint dries in a new structure), you want progress towards a return on that investment. Which means that one of the first things you’ll need is network stacks and Wi-Fi configurations.

But if your IT team is already stretched thin, and your procurement vendors don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with your rapid growth, you run the risk of technical delays and operational inefficiencies. Your IT roll-out shouldn’t slow your brand’s forward momentum.

Stop being reactive. Instead of allowing your disparate IT vendors to control the pace, consider making a more proactive choice for your company.

What Does A More Proactive Rollout Look Like?

We understand the strategic chaos and the operational snags that a new location launch can pose for your facilities and IT teams. The right rollout plan can help you predict those hiccups and circumvent them before they become a problem.

You’ve standardized your brand; why not standardize your rollouts by creating a turn-key deployment?

Most of your locations will typically have similar environments (especially if you are an established retailer or franchise), so you can create a turn-key plan with prepared images for devices, an inventory of necessary equipment, and more. By creating a set process for what you already know you’ll need, you’ll leave more time to deal with tailored specifications that might pop up for individual locations.

It can be difficult to coordinate across a plethora of vendors, especially when emergencies occur. Consider working with the right single vendor who can handle every aspect of your rollout to minimize delays. Cutting your list down to one point of contact can significantly ease the logistical burden.

Before your vendors arrive onsite, provide them with a detailed floorplan. This allows them to plan out the position of WAPs ahead of time.

Your vendors should work with you to make the rollout as simple as possible. To minimize disruption or downtime, coordinate the deployment and hardware deliveries for the same day that your facilities are operational. By having engineers onsite that day, you can have everything unboxed, racked, stacked, and installed all at once. Before wrapping up the project, have your main point person (or your vendor’s technicians) walk the facility one last time before making final adjustments.

CentricsIT Turnkey Deployments

Our global network of SmartHands engineers increase your speed-to-launch rather than inhibit it. Not only do we have the expertise and manpower in place wherever and whenever you need them for new launches, we also have a global market on new and refurbished hardware that allows us to maintain in-house inventories that rival that of the OEMs. As a result, we offer flexible network hardware bundles at highly-competitive price points. If you need it, we’ll have it ready to go.

Our engineers work diligently through the night to ensure that your doors open to the public without delay. In all, we’ll have your wireless systems and network devices installed and optimized in a 24-hour window. We don’t just offer front-end wireless deployment solutions, however. Our maintenance policies deliver comprehensive support and troubleshooting if any issues arise after installation (see how our client-focused SLAs guarantee you the fastest support available).

One-and-Done Pace Setting

With the CentricsIT assurance that you can have a fully functional wireless environment available at each new location within a business day, you and your company can return your focus to what you do best: providing your clients with the highest-quality products and services without the hassle or inhibitions of asynchronous facility roll-outs.

Expand your brand with confidence because CentricsIT matches your pace with ease.

Need turnkey IT roll-outs for your growing franchise? Contact a Solutions Architect at CentricsIT to begin customizing your wireless rollout bundle.