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Misconception 1: The Secondary Market Is Just About Hardware.

We don’t just stop at hardware. Our secondary market involvement has created a space for increasingly adaptable IT solutions.

As a third-party vendor, CentricsIT (and other similar companies) had to build an extensive global network of strategic partners to facilitate their secondary market resale and procurement processes. As a result, we have highly qualified “people on the ground” in more than 80 countries.

Larger VARs still offer inflated prices for their hardware and services, even if they were also saving money in the secondary markets. We didn’t like that philosophy. We already offered hardware at an economical price point, so why not also offer IT services—maintenance, ITAD, data destruction, etc.—at a similar discount to our clients?

Misconception 2: Companies in the Secondary Market Have a Smaller Footprint

Thanks to our global network, CentricsIT has a pulse on the secondary markets at all times. We have access to the very best hardware deals at any given time, and we can leverage the highest quality engineers and technicians from wherever we need.

No matter where you operate, we can deliver a solution.

It’s not just about reach either; it’s about scale. Secondary markets have grown exponentially in recent years, which has enabled companies like CentricsIT to become even bolder. Some third-parties avoid contracting with very large enterprises for fear of drawing too much attention from the OEMs who might, in turn, outbid their offers. Because of our momentum and global presence, we have readjusted our targets to those same large-scale companies. We’re not afraid to bid. We are confident in our offerings— because they’re better.

Due to this global reach, we offer Fortune 500 companies a solution to their multi-vendor logistical headaches. No matter how many locations, no matter where they operate, CentricsIT delivers consolidated vendor packages to streamline processes, reduce logistical strain, and provide substantial savings for the company.

The secondary market is bigger than you think.

Misconception 3: The Secondary Market Doesn’t Deliver at the Same Level as Major Resellers and OEMs

Did you know that many OEMs don’t deliver the services they sell?  In fact, third-party vendors like CentricsIT are often the literal “hands and feet” of these service calls— they contract with our workforce to deliver their IT services. However, our key difference is our drastically different price points. Similarly, your OEM VARs will continue to charge you a premium for “brand name” services, but will use the same engineering talent we do.

Emergence of the Global Services Company

Cutting out the middleman not only saves you money, it grants you a closer relationship with your IT services vendor.

Manufacturers direct from a distance. They are focused on getting a job done, not on collaborative execution. You tell them what you need, and they send their multiple vendors to do it.

Conversely, CentricsIT works with you as a strategic partner. You deal with one vendor only, and we help you execute strategically at all of your locations globally. Rather than having multiple points of contact, you now only have one that knows the ins and the outs of your business needs.

Moreover, CentricsIT offers end-to-end lifecycle management—from procurement to disposition. In the end, we are much more equipped to consult with and advise your company on future initiatives because we take the time to see the whole picture.

We come directly to you to work with you from start to finish.

It’s time to stop putting the secondary market in a box—it doesn’t fit there anymore.

Want to contract with a vendor who is willing to redesign entire markets for your benefit? Contact a CentricsIT Solutions Architect to save on OPEX and streamline your IT processes.