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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering Third-Party IT Maintenance. Good. You’re considering the winning team.

We, of course, could go on all day about the benefits of switching from OEM to Third-Party support: increased service levels, lower costs, less contracts to manage, better customer service, etc. But you’re past that point—you’re ready to make the switch, but you want to know what to expect. Well—in the spirit of baseball season—here’s your guide to Running the Bases of Third Party Maintenance, complete with infographic!

1st Base: Consult and Audit

At CentricsIT, we conduct individualized consultations with all potential clients. These consultations are designed to examine and diagnose the state of your data center, make recommendations across product lines, and recommend solutions tailored to your needs. As a part of this process, CentricsIT conducts an audit and analysis of your data center. Many times, this audit uncovers unnecessary maintenance co-terms or gaps in coverage.

2nd Base: Create a Custom Contract

The majority of OEMs have contractual terms that benefit them. Intricate contracts and reading between the lines should not hinder your support. Third-party contracts are straight to the point, and the terms and conditions are totally flexible. You won’t be forced into cookie-cutter SLAs; Custom SLAs are not a problem for third-party providers like CentricsIT.

3rd Base: Spare the Necessary Parts

CentricsIT has extensive access to products and parts across all manufacturers—from legacy gear to latest-and-greatest. We stock your spares in our secure locations strategically placed across the globe, and we provide onsite spares for mission-critical equipment that you would prefer be stored in-house.

Home Plate: Submit Your First Ticket

You’ve finally gotten to the best part about hitting a home run—sliding into home plate! Your teammates and coaches are waiting for you to celebrate and lift you up. This is a big accomplishment. Your first ticket is our opportunity to prove our support when you need it. We have a proven and efficient system in place for handling your support requests from beginning to end. Our easy-to-use online portal tracks all your assets—even if some aren’t under our support—and keeps track of your case throughout the process. You will also have the ability to transfer files, such as error logs, securely through SCP, SFTP, HTTPS web application uploading, or encrypted PGP mail attachments.

If you are looking to make the switch to third party maintenance, let the experienced specialists at CentricsIT coach you through the process. Contact us at 877-899-2368 or by clicking here.