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Comparing OEM Support vs Third-Party Maintenance: Five Questions to Ask

Despite the cost savings and extended support windows offered by third-party maintenance (TPM) vendors, you might prefer your original equipment manufacturer’s processes and support protocols. But why, exactly, is that? Before you grit your teeth and pay the OEM premium, you owe it to yourself to compare OEM support vs. TPM to determine which service delivery model meets your real needs. Here are a couple questions that we recommend you ask any prospective maintenance provider. 1.  When is EOL/EOSL on all my machines? OEM: Although the OEMs offer maintenance for the first several years of the hardware’s lifecycle, they will eventually pull support entirely once they announces final EOSL. Because the OEM will no longer be manufacturing, procuring, or refurbishing replacement parts, it is unable to sustain your legacy equipment [...]

Our Disruptive Approach to IT Lifecycle Management

The logistics necessary to sustain your enterprise IT lifecycle management processes are considerable. To continue production and keep your infrastructure optimized, you have to choose between one of two difficult options: Muscle through and coordinate IT operations yourself with your already-lean IT team. Outsource your IT operations to a large-scale management corporation. But which option should you choose? Working with What You’ve Got In-house management can be costly, stressful, and inefficient, especially if you already have a lean IT team. If it’s all you can do to keep your current IT infrastructure “well-oiled,” it becomes impractical to think about digital transformations or advances towards more complex cloud initiatives. Simply put, if your (very expensive W2) L5 engineers are stuck doing laptop battery troubleshooting, then they don’t have the time to [...]

Aligning ITIL and Managed Services

You have customized processes. And, like many others, you might have heavily relied on ITIL and managed services vendors to inform your operations. While some of those procedures and “to do’s” can be automated through your network tools, some can’t. So, to relieve the burden on your IT team, you contract with a managed services vendor to help. So, You’ve Established Your Processes. Now What? ITIL shows you where you have gaps in your IT operations, so you must find ways to fill in those gaps effectively and economically. Many companies opt to contract with support vendors to supplement where automation or their IT team can’t. But what do you lose when that vendor doesn’t have the bandwidth (or the care) to conform to your pre-established ITSM management flow? If [...]

Do You Have an Insurance Policy versus a Maintenance Plan?

In the competition between an insurance policy versus a maintenance plan, having a maintenance plan for your hardware will always win out. But are you using your OEM’s limited warranty from your initial hardware purchase as your maintenance plan? When you rely on limited warranties and complimentary service bundles for support, you don’t have a maintenance plan. You currently have what we like to call a “hardware insurance policy.” And this differs from a “maintenance plan” in that it is much more expensive and less efficient for your operations. Here’s why. The OEM’s (Severely) Limited Warranties When you contract with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for your procurement needs, they provide you with brand new equipment. Upon initial purchase, it comes with a discounted and sometimes even “complimentary” service bundle. It’s [...]

CentricsIT cited in 2017 Gartner Research on Third-Party Maintenance

Gartner releases reports titled, “Competitive Landscape: Partnering with Third-Party Maintenance Providers for Data Center and Network Maintenance Cost Optimization" and "Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance," both authored by Christine Tenneson CentricsIT has been helping its clients maximize their investments in the data center for more than a decade, and a significant part of our strategic approach is identifying opportunities to reduce maintenance spend. We’ve helped companies of all sizes, from every vertical realize maintenance savings from 40-80%. Maintenance and support costs are widely known to comprise around 70% of the average company’s IT budget, leaving very little room for upgrades and investments in future-ready technology. Maintenance costs can cripple innovation, which can have serious ramifications that no organization can afford. Network and data security is [...]

FAQ: Dell-EMC Merger

Dell is merging with EMC – how does this affect you? As of October 12 2015, Dell announced it would be merging with EMC. The Dell-EMC merger has been named the biggest technology merger in history with a price tag set at $67 billion. With such a large deal at hand, we must assume that some changes will be made as the companies form this new epic technology conglomerate. There are many questions to be answered, and CentricsIT is here to try and bridge some of those gaps. What will be the name of the company after the merge? Earlier this month, while speaking at the EMC World in Las Vegas, Dell CEO Michael Dell revealed that the new name will be Dell Technologies. How long should I expect for the transition [...]

Strategic Hardware and IT Support Recommendations from Gartner

Latest Gartner research identifies opportunities for IT leaders to reduce TCO The two goals at the top of every IT purchasing decision maker’s list are: 1) reduce costs and 2) extend the functional life of IT assets. Easy, right? We’re kidding. Achieving bottom-line oriented goals while keeping up with the technical demands of a modern data center is among the most challenging aspects of an IT leader’s job. That’s why data center and procurement leaders turn to resources like Gartner. Gartner Research is a highly influential leader in technology business insights, and the analysts at Gartner frequently release detailed reports covering everything from top technologies to trends in managed services. One of Gartner’s most recent reports, titled “Used Hardware Resellers Offer Hardware and Support Cost Savings,” identifies opportunities for IT leaders to [...]

Accenture Indicates Third Party Maintenance is a Top Trend in IT

When Accenture talks, we listen. Well known as one of the largest business consulting firms in the world, Accenture stands among the most prominent influencers when it comes to business purchasing insights and trends. That’s why we at CentricsIT were happy to see that Accenture indicates Third Party Maintenance for IT is a “no-brainer” in a recent spend trends report. The report confirms what we already know—the quality of third-party IT maintenance continues to increase. TPM offers “better savings potential” and “better global coverage,” according to the report. What we love most about this report, is that it substantiates the best business case for Third-Party Maintenance, which is—simply put—the OEMs use TPM, so why can’t you? The OEM cannot avoid sub-contracting out to Third-Party Maintenance providers when you want umbrella coverage that [...]

Running The Bases of Third-Party Maintenance: How To Hit A Home Run Switching from OEM to Third-Party Support

If you're reading this, chances are you're considering Third-Party IT Maintenance. Good. You're considering the winning team. We, of course, could go on all day about the benefits of switching from OEM to Third-Party support: increased service levels, lower costs, less contracts to manage, better customer service, etc. But you're past that point—you're ready to make the switch, but you want to know what to expect. Well—in the spirit of baseball season—here's your guide to Running the Bases of Third Party Maintenance, complete with infographic! 1st Base: Consult and Audit At CentricsIT, we conduct individualized consultations with all potential clients. These consultations are designed to examine and diagnose the state of your data center, make recommendations across product lines, and recommend solutions tailored to your needs. As a part of this [...]