Third-Party Maintenance: What is it?

Third-party maintenance (TPM) is defined as a hardware and/or support solution service that’s independent from original equipment manufacturers (OEM).  TPM suppliers are there to expand your company’s technology budget by saving money and providing equal, if not improved, services as the OEMs.

Typically, TPM prices cost half as much as OEM services.

What is Third-Party Maintenance, and is it a valid alternative to OEM support options?

In addition to saving money, third-party maintenance enables companies to extend support past end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-service-life (EOSL) dates.  Instead of being forced into a next-generation update before you’re ready for a hardware refresh, third-party maintenance provides an alternative solution to meet cost-efficient, streamlined data storage and analytics in an industry that is constantly changing.

Data center maintenance typically makes up 70% of the average IT budget.  Switching to TPM can open many doors for your company by enabling the opportunity to pursue other IT initiatives.


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Frequently Asked Questions about What Third-Party Maintenance is?

Some TPM providers, like CentricsIT, are in the market of refurbished parts which enables them to keep their warehouses stocked with replacement and refurbished equipment. OEMs stop manufacturing, procuring, and refurbishing replacement parts which forces companies to choose between two options: upgrading to the newest generation or switching to third-party maintenance providers.

TPM may cost less, but that doesn’t mean lesser quality support. With the right TPM provider, you will have service support that exceeds expectations without the costly OEM prices for brand equity. Majority of OEM contract terms are beneficial for them–not you.  Third party maintenance providers, like CentricsIT, have more flexible terms and conditions that will enable your company to reach its specific goals.

When you hear about traditional SLAs, they are 24x7x365 with a 4-hour response window. With OEM support, a representative calls you back within that 4-hour window once they receive your request. With every TPM supplier, the 4-hour SLA is different.

At CentricsIT, we use that 4-hour window differently. We have a certified engineer (with part-in-hand) at your data center door within those four hours, after having already contacted your IT staff to troubleshoot the issue over the phone.

Read here about the difference between OEM support and third-party maintenance.

Why Choose CentricsIT?

  • We value relationships, and know every one of our customers by name—you’re more than just an account to us.

  • We have offices and secure stocking depots positioned across the world.

  • We spare all parts ourselves and house them local to you, wherever you are.

  • Our service levels are 100% customizable—no cookie-cutter contracts or pricing plans

  • We offer same-day responses on all quotes.

  • We offer discounts for multi-year maintenance contracts.

  • Our engineers are experienced with end-of-life products.

  • There are no price increases for the life of your equipment.

Why Choose us as your Third-Party Maintenance Provider?

CentricsIT helps companies of all sizes, located anywhere in the world, better manage their data centers by providing third-party maintenance (TPM) services for all of the leading equipment manufacturers.

As a leading independent hardware reseller, CentricsIT is uniquely qualified to source and spare parts at the most competitive price points. Our IT maintenance and support solutions either replace existing support programs or strategically supplement OEM plans.

We focus on quality and value in the data center – while saving customers an average of 40–70% on IT maintenance costs. But we do more than just save your company money. Our mission is to provide your company with exceptional service, a level of service that cannot be touched by the OEM.

Third-Party Maintenance Success Stories

“It’s always nice to get more than what you want AND save money!

“We discussed with our CentricsIT rep exactly what we needed, and they came back to us with more than we initially were looking at buying and saved us over 60%. We were amazed!”– IT Manager, Large Southeast Manufacturing Company

“CentricsIT stood out immediately because of their pricing. They blew the other companies out of the water. Furthermore, their customer service and attention to detail was fantastic. Our rep is available to us 24/7. You could even say that he’s an extension of our IT team.”

IT Director, Global Company in Software Vertical

“Price was definitely the biggest factor, but I have to say that I am always impressed with how quickly I get a response when requesting a quote from CentricsIT. With CentricsIT, I usually get a quote back within 30 minutes or at the very least, by end of business day. That’s a great way to do business.”

Enterprise Network Engineer, Global Company in Healthcare Industry

Our IT Support and Maintenance Philosophy Advantage

We believe that it doesn’t make sense to pay more money to maintain older data center hardware. When manufacturers increase your maintenance costs because your equipment is older, they’re just trying to intimidate you into purchasing newer hardware that you might not even need. Parts are cheaper and easier to source for older hardware, and the pool of trained technicians that have been around for years is larger. That is why our data center hardware maintenance service options make more sense for your business.

CentricsIT is able to support your IT equipment under customizable service levels completely designed for your requirements. There are no penalties for adding or deleting equipment on your contract, so you can adjust your support levels penalty-free anytime.

If you need an engineer onsite to fulfill your technical support request—no problem. We have a wide network of engineers all over the world. They are experienced with all the leading manufacturers product lines.

Our approach to support allows us to maintain all of your hardware across manufacturers through one call and one contract.


Learn how CentricsIT can help your company save 40–70% on IT support services. Request a free consultation today, and one of our support specialists will respond within one (1) business day.