Bundling TPM and ITAD saved a Fortune 1000 financial company more than 30% and improved efficiency.


While security and compliance have always been the core component of its business model, the financial tech firm was experiencing an issue common to many mature companies: overly complex systems. A changing of the guard in the upper echelons of management prompted a review of the company’s strategies for handling OEM equipment maintenance, EOL equipment processes, and ITAD. After review, our client determined that within the last decade it had been using a variety of vendors to satisfy each of these business needs. The methods for contacting support varied between vendors, and there was no comprehensive system in place to determine which vendor corresponded with a specific device under support.


The new management team determined that the best course of action would be to consolidate these disparate OEM, third-party maintenance (TPM), and IT asset disposition (ITAD) services as much as possible. This would have the critical goal of reducing misunderstandings within the firm; employees would know who to contact in the case of equipment malfunction or if they needed to decommission aging technology. Furthermore, this plan would include a strong financial incentive for consolidation as it would eliminate the waste associated with maintaining multiple vendors and contracts. Service overlap would be entirely eliminated and employee efforts would be significantly reduced by utilizing a single point of contact, further improving business efficiency. Finally, a strong consolidation effort in one area of the business would lay the foundation for similar endeavors elsewhere. A proficient and flexible vendor might also support consolidation efforts in merging data centers or identify as-yet-unknown functions for improvement.

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