An eyewear retailer partners with CentricsIT for more efficient, consolidated IT maintenance.


The company recognized that serving an offline market at this scale—the company has 61 locations, and growing, in the US and Canada—requires a robust, secure networking infrastructure to support the ongoing sales and analytics efforts in stores. Our client wanted to ensure that each of their physical locations exemplified their commitment to quality and outstanding customer service. Because they were expanding quickly, they needed a vendor who could keep pace with their rate of deployment and the geographic distribution of their multiple locations.


The company needed to refresh its core network within the data centers at their co-headquarters in New York, NY and Nashville, TN. Each location acts as a failover for the other. Our client needed the core network to perform well, but also remain secure from the types of threats that plague many e-commerce businesses, like DDoS attacks and ransomware.

With the regular rollout of new brick-and-mortar locations, the organization also required a solution that could guarantee the reliable delivery of the necessary network stacks to both their current and future retail sites. If successful, this venture would establish a fast and reliable method for opening a fully operational retail outlet, even on short notice. Achieving these three core requirements would allow our client to aggressively pursue expansion while continuing to provide secure and uninterrupted services to customers at its existing locations.

Finally, the company needed reliable hardware support with strong SLAs for the network core and the network stacks at each of its many physical locations.

“CentricsIT is proud to provide networking, security, and critical support services to this leading eyewear retailer. We wholeheartedly appreciate being a part of our client’s continued success story, just as they have been a part of our own.”

Patrick Keuller, Executive Vice President of Global Services at CentricsIT

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