Exadata Support – Know Your Options

Did you know that Oracle only commits to providing support for Exadata appliances for up to five (5) years after the last ship date of the equipment? In typical OEM fashion, Oracle suggests that upgrading to the next generation Exadata models is the only solution to meet your current needs after the five years are up. But what if your company isn’t ready to make the switch and begin the hardware refresh process?

A Different Solution for Exadata Support: Third-Party Maintenance

Five years from the last ship date, replacement parts may not be available and/or the response times for sending replacement parts may be delayed by Oracle. Oracle will continue to sell a support service for your Exadata equipment after it reaches five years past its last ship date, but it won’t guarantee hardware, or when/if a field engineer will arrive to fix your system.

Many organizations currently pay for Exadata support from Oracle based on brand equity alone, but there’s no cause to scramble to plan a technology refresh just because the OEM has declared EOS. Our CentricsIT experts can help you determine when support ends for your Exadata equipment and explain your options.

CentricsIT is uniquely positioned as one of the only multi-vendor IT maintenance and hardware suppliers with global reach. Our global Third Party Maintenance services support everything from EOS equipment like Exadata Database Machine V1-V2 to the latest and greatest models just released by OEMs.


OFF OEM Support List Prices, Depending on Product Line
Minutes to Address Any Customer Support Ticket, 24x7x365
Active Secure Stocking Locations Positioned Strategically for Each Client
Countries Worldwide Where We Provide Support for Our Customers

Why Choose CentricsIT?

  • We reduce Exadata support costs and offer discounts for multi-year maintenance contracts.

  • Our service levels are 100% customizable—no cookie-cutter contracts or pricing plans.

  • There is no price increase for the life of your Exadata equipment.

  • We have offices and secure stocking depots positioned across the world.

  • We relieve the pressure to re-platform before the End-Of-Service date and will extend the lifecycle of your current Exadata equipment.

  • We offer same-day responses on all quotes.

  • Our on-site field engineers are experienced with Exadata end-of-support products.

  • We spare all parts ourselves and house them local to you, wherever you are.

  • We value relationships and know all of our customers by name—you’re more than just an account to us.

Count on CentricsIT for Customizable and Affordable Exadata Support

CentricsIT assists companies of all sizes around the world to better manage their data centers. We provide IT hardware support services for all of the leading equipment manufacturers, including Exadata.

Whether you are switching your Exadata equipment reaching EOS or your entire infrastructure to third-party maintenance (TPM), your company will reap the benefits of our provided Exadata support.

Exadata Third-Party Maintenance enables you to take back control of your refresh cycle from Oracle without sacrificing the support quality. At CentricsIT, we work on the same 24x4x7 SLAs as the OEMs to ensure that when your company makes the switch to third-party maintenance, you will see an improvement in SLA delivery time.

At CentricsIT, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all maintenance plans. Our SLAs are customized to the client’s unique needs. Our team works closely with yours to identify infrastructure components best suited for TPM, design SLAs that optimize cost without increasing risk, determine where necessary spares will be securely stocked in one of our global secure stocking locations, and assess whether an onsite engineer is necessary for your environment.

Supported Exadata Models and EOS Dates

Exadata Appliance Generation Last Ship Date (LSD) Effective end-of-support (EOS) date
Exadata Database Machine V1 October, 2009 October, 2014
Exadata Database Machine V2 October, 2010 October, 2015
Exadata Database Machine X2-2 September, 2012 September, 2017
Exadata Database Machine X2-8 November, 2012 November, 2017
Exadata Database Machine X3-2 February, 2014 February, 2019
Exadata Database Machine X3-8 December, 2014 December, 2019
Exadata Database Machine X4-2 March, 2015 March, 2020
Exadata Database Machine X4-8 October, 2015 October, 2020
Exadata Database Machine X5-2 July, 2016 July, 2021
Exadata Database Machine X5-8 March, 2016 March, 2021
Exadata Database Machine X6-2 November, 2017 November, 2022
Exadata Database Machine X6-8 November, 2017 November, 2022
Exadata Database Machine X7-2 June, 2019 June, 2024
Exadata Database Machine X7-8 June, 2019 June, 2024

Oracle Supercluster End-of-Life: By Appliance Generation

SuperCluster Appliance Generation Last Ship Date (LSD) Effective end-of-support (EOS) date
SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 September, 2013 September, 2018
SuperCluster T5-8 August, 2016 August, 2021
SuperCluster M6-32 December, 2016 December, 2021
SuperCluster M7-8 December, 2017 December, 2022
SuperCluster M8 June, 2019 June, 2024

Third-Party Maintenance Success Stories

“We needed a cost-effective maintenance solution for our existing NetApp, IBM, Dell, Oracle, STK, and Brocade equipment. CentricsIT provided a custom support option that covered approximately 3,000 devices at our primary data center in Salt Lake City and saved us over 40% on support costs! They are a trusted partner that consistently exceeds expectations. Highly recommend!”– IT Manager, Large North American Hospital Chain

“We were trying to find opportunities to stand out amongst the competition technologically, while optimizing our existing support contracts. CentricsIT implemented a multi-vendor maintenance program, which bundled a number of OEMs under one maintenance contract. This program allowed us to cut our maintenance spend by more than 40% and become more operationally efficient.”

European Telecommunications Provider

“We were looking to establish a centralized support program for all our global locations, reduce maintenance spend and maximize efficiency. CentricsIT offered us a custom-fit support solution which eliminated the need for multiple support providers, saved us over 70%, and offered us better service.”

Global Building Materials Company

Our Exadata Support and Maintenance Philosophy Advantage

We believe that it doesn’t make sense to pay more money to maintain older data center hardware. When manufacturers increase your maintenance costs because your equipment is older, they’re just trying to intimidate you into purchasing newer hardware that you might not even need. Parts are cheaper and easier to source for older hardware, and the pool of trained technicians that have been around for years is larger. That is why our data center hardware maintenance service options make more sense for your business.

CentricsIT is able to provide Exadata support under customizable service levels completely designed for your requirements. There are no penalties for adding or deleting equipment on your contract, so you can adjust your support levels penalty-free anytime.

If you need an engineer onsite to fulfill your technical support request—no problem. We have a wide network of engineers all over the world. They are experienced with all the leading manufacturers product lines.

Our approach to support enables us to maintain all of your hardware across manufacturers through one call and one contract.


Learn how CentricsIT can help your company save 40-70% on Exadata support services. Request a free consultation today, and one of our support specialists will respond within one (1) business day.