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Field service management (FSM), in simplest terms defined as the close monitoring of off-site workers, operations, and equipment, is a challenging and strenuous task for managers of most organizations. Considering the varied components involved in field operations—from scheduling technicians to dispatching vehicles and shipping parts to tracking sales teams and managing inventory, plus other essential tasks, it’s not surprising that field service management (FSM) entails meticulous organization.

The Importance of FSM Technology

With FSM being so complex and all-encompassing, its critical role in keeping operations running smoothly can not be emphasized enough. If any of the elements of the field operations break down at some point, the company’s efficiency and profitability, as well as its customers’ level of satisfaction would take a serious hit.

Most service delivery companies have thus turned to technology to guarantee that field services are properly delivered, and for this, a field service management software is key. An FSM software is a technology solution that automates the complicated process of monitoring and coordinating field service operations, teams, and equipment.

What Makes a Reliable FSM Solution

Choosing the right FSM software requires careful deliberation. Not all solutions are created equal. A service delivery organization should spend ample time evaluating FSM tools and see if the offered features fit the needs of the enterprise. An FSM tool should, at the very least, have these functionalities:

  • Work order management
  • Scheduling and dispatching functions
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Parts and returns management
  • Mobile technology
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Integration with back-end systems and applications

ServiceMax: The Leader in FSM Software

ServiceMax is the industry-leading, expert-recognized field service management software.

In the FSM space, ServiceMax has set the bar high. Hundreds of companies across the globe and from various industries would agree; and more importantly, top technology research firm Gartner® does too. In fact, Gartner positioned ServiceMax for the 6th consecutive time as a Leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for Field Service Management.

ServiceMax ticks all the checkboxes we mentioned above—and then some. While at its core are the functions one would look for in a service delivery platform, ServiceMax goes beyond the fundamentals to offer an unparalleled solution that combines innovation and market expertise. Some of the software’s unique features are:

  • ServiceMax Go – a mobile app that helps technicians improve their productivity not only by providing important information on work orders (location, routing, asset to be serviced, etc.), but also by giving them easy access to IoT diagnostics, knowledge base, asset checklist, parts search, and more.
  • ServiceMax Engage – a turnkey mobile application designed to connect service companies with their end clients (e., owners/operators of serviced equipment) and boost the customer experience while improving asset data quality.
  • Zinc Intelligent Remote Service – a communications solution purposely built for service teams, so that technicians can securely connect with the experts and/or management in the central office for faster resolution of issues.
  • Field Service Analytics – a tool that helps businesses not only collect data relevant to their service operations, but also understand key performance metrics to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie and act on them accordingly.

Partnering with the Global Leader to Give the Best Service

At CentricsIT, we know all about how ServiceMax helps organizations achieve their service goals—because we’re using it ourselves. Investing in a top-tier service delivery tool like ServiceMax has proven invaluable in our efforts to implement and deliver effective IT maintenance and engineer dispatch services to our customers.

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