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Don’t let your hardware haunt your data center. Unused servers and equipment can be a nuisance, and you could be losing more money the longer it sits there. You may also think that these ghost servers are harmless, but if they fall into the wrong hands, data you didn’t even realize was there could be compromised. Read the infographic below to learn more.

CentricsIT can offer data destruction and removal of underutilized servers. This can potentially offer you some revenue sharing options depending on the quality of the hardware. Regardless of the scenario, CentricsIT can provide you options for getting rid of those lingering ghost servers.


What are Ghost Servers?

  • No longer of use to business
  • End-of-Lease or End-of-Life
  • Applications migrated elsewhere

15% of data center servers qualify as ghost servers.

Ghostly Problems

  • Rising sustainability costs
  • Security risks
  • Wasted space
  • Potential profits going to waste

Ghoulish Costs

  • Companies spend more than $24 million a year on ghost server energy
  • 20% of racked IT equipment serves zero function except to warm rooms

Decommission to Save

  • Unplugging and decommissioning can save thousands to millions in energy costs

Feeling haunted? Contact CentricsIT if you’re ready to exorcise your data center of all those unwanted servers.