Data Erasure vs Physical Data Destruction

When it comes to retiring data-bearing devices, security must be at the forefront. Allowing unused equipment to sit in storage poses a serious threat to your organization’s security and reputation. Take control of your company’s security and eradicate all your data-bearing devices through data erasure. However, an important question arises. What method of data erasure is the best [...]

International Maintenance Infographic

Your systems are vital and require specialized solutions at every lifecycle stage. The four components of the CentricsIT system cooperate to maximize customer service and procedural efficiency while minimizing total cost of ownership in the data center. No matter where in the world your organization does business, CentricsIT will deliver enterprise IT solutions that deliver savings and results. [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Are Ghost Servers Haunting Your Data Center?

Don't let your hardware haunt your data center. Unused servers and equipment can be a nuisance, and you could be losing more money the longer it sits there. You may also think that these ghost servers are harmless, but if they fall into the wrong hands, data you didn't even realize was there could be compromised. Read the [...]

Infographic: A 2014 Study of Company Data Breaches

At CentricsIT, we handle all of your data erasure and destruction needs. In a 2014 study that analyzes data breaches, we found that the cost of a data breach is on the rise. In fact, the study found that the average total cost of a data breach in 2013, which was 3.5 million dollars, has increased 15% in [...]

Earth Day E-Waste Infographic

When disposing of unused or expired electronics, be sure to keep the Earth in mind and remain educated on how improper disposal can have an incredibly hazardous effect on the environment. We've created an infographic to increase awareness of how yesterday's electronics can become today's problem. Check out our Earth Day E-Waste Infographic below! E-Waste is Growing Electronic [...]

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