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Data Erasure vs Physical Data Destruction

When it comes to retiring data-bearing devices, security must be at the forefront. Allowing unused equipment to sit in storage poses a serious threat to your organization’s security and reputation. Take control of your company’s security and eradicate all your data-bearing devices through data erasure. However, an important question arises. What method of data erasure is the best process for your business: data wipe or physical data destruction? Follow our Data Erasure vs Data Destruction Infographic below to find out!   Before an organization can answer that question, a fair market value assessment of the unused devices must be performed. A CentricsIT assessment reveals the true market value of your hardware. At its core, CentricsIT is an international IT hardware reseller. If anyone knows the true value of your IT [...]

International Maintenance Infographic

Your systems are vital and require specialized solutions at every lifecycle stage. The four components of the CentricsIT system cooperate to maximize customer service and procedural efficiency while minimizing total cost of ownership in the data center. No matter where in the world your organization does business, CentricsIT will deliver enterprise IT solutions that deliver savings and results. Learn more about the benefits of choosing CentricsIT for your IT hardware and maintenance needs through our International Maintenance Infographic below. In-House Logistics International shipping Import duties Global customs VAT taxes Global Maintenance More than 400 secure parts deposits Network of over 100 global partners 97% SLA adherence worldwide Engineering resources worldwide International Experts English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Russian, all Chinese dialects, Japanese, Czech, German, Danish, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, and more! Service [...]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Are Ghost Servers Haunting Your Data Center?

Don't let your hardware haunt your data center. Unused servers and equipment can be a nuisance, and you could be losing more money the longer it sits there. You may also think that these ghost servers are harmless, but if they fall into the wrong hands, data you didn't even realize was there could be compromised. Read the infographic below to learn more. CentricsIT can offer data destruction and removal of underutilized servers. This can potentially offer you some revenue sharing options depending on the quality of the hardware. Regardless of the scenario, CentricsIT can provide you options for getting rid of those lingering ghost servers. What are Ghost Servers? No longer of use to business End-of-Lease or End-of-Life Applications migrated elsewhere 15% of data center servers qualify as ghost [...]

Infographic: A 2014 Study of Company Data Breaches

At CentricsIT, we handle all of your data erasure and destruction needs. In a 2014 study that analyzes data breaches, we found that the cost of a data breach is on the rise. In fact, the study found that the average total cost of a data breach in 2013, which was 3.5 million dollars, has increased 15% in 2014. Check out the infographic below to compare numbers and information and determine how CentricsIT can help you with your data destruction needs! You need to protect your data. CentricsIT can help your organization avoid high data breach recovery costs by offering our data destruction and disk shredding solutions. CentricsIT complies with all major federal regulation and provides your organization with solutions of the highest standard.

Earth Day E-Waste Infographic

When disposing of unused or expired electronics, be sure to keep the Earth in mind and remain educated on how improper disposal can have an incredibly hazardous effect on the environment. We've created an infographic to increase awareness of how yesterday's electronics can become today's problem. Check out our Earth Day E-Waste Infographic below!   E-Waste is Growing Electronic waste is the fastest growing source of waste in North America. It comprises 2% of all trash and 70% of all toxic waste. By 2017, the volume of discarded e-products worldwide is expected to be 33% higher than in 2012 and weigh the equivalent of eight of the Great Pyramids of Giza! 142,000 computers are thrown away every day E-Waste is Harmful Lead and other harmful materials found in electronic waste [...]