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Managing an IT project of any scale is a hassle, especially if you don’t have adequate visibility and control from your project management tools.

Depending on the size of your company and the number of locations you are responsible for, you likely have multiple projects occurring—at different times, in different regions—that are in various stages of completion. Not only do you need to keep tabs on your in-house staff, you also need to juggle the management responsibilities of the numerous vendors you’ve contracted with.

It’s a lot of moving parts, and there’s only one of you. CentricsIT believes in being completely transparent with our clients. That’s why we believe you deserve a better way to see and manage all of your projects in real-time, from one location.

Project Management Intelligence

Your project management portal should act as that single point of access for IT leadership and staff to login and review all active project data.

But many of the current project management tools on the market lack the granular capabilities you need to fully manage your projects… And the ones that provide options for more control often require a great deal of customization which is time-consuming and expensive.

Utilizing a project management tool with real-time visibility and control capabilities reduce confusion and promote more streamlined collaboration across your work sites. Because your IT teams can access the same information from any location, you can reclaim critical time during your work week by reducing the number of required status updates and project review meetings—this alone saves our teams hours per week.

Ideally, your projects vendors should provide you with this transparent view into your managed projects with them. But their tools often fit what your vendor thinks you should see, not what you need.

That’s why CentricsIT built CentricsIQ, a highly customized project management portal that provides unrivaled transparency into your real-time field activities. Through the CentricsIQ intuitive portal interface, you and your team have access to real-time project details through a central repository that updates and stores all data for active and completed tasks.

CentricsIQ Pre-Built Frameworks

Before work begins, Project Managers can choose from a selection of ready-made templates within CentricsIQ for the specific enterprise project that is on the docket (e.g. Wi-Fi deployments, lift and shift, decommissioning, etc.).

These pre-built templates accelerate speed-to-delivery, but they also enable additional customization within the framework that enables you to choose what you see and track. Through the CentricsIQ intuitive GUI interface, Project Managers can build and implement customized calendars, dashboards, GANTT charts, and task lists for each project.

Once the framework has been established, Project Managers can initiate new projects and upload all the necessary information to the CentricsIQ portal to get the ball rolling on a new project as quickly as possible.

CentricsIQ Scalable Security Parameters

CentricsIQ also comes with customized access protocols.

For each project, you can delineate which in-house staff members and vendor representatives can have portal access (and at what level). You can also set time parameters for important items that need regular maintenance.

For example, to keep pertinent staff members and vendors registered as “active” on your Active Directory or LDAP, you can set up recurring security checklists to remind them to consistently login to their accounts. These flexible checklists can also extend to badges, certifications, and almost anything else that you’re likely to need.

While this scalable access control bolsters project security, it also enables you to be as involved or as hands-off as you need to be with each initiative. You now have the ability to distribute and scale responsibility across your IT leadership staff so that you have more bandwidth to focus on critical tasks and alerts.

Granular Control

In addition to tracking and recording capabilities, CentricsIQ also enables real-time control of the lifecycle of each project. This is especially useful when you have fully outsourced a project as the CentricsIQ portal gives you remote access for:

  • Editing and changing projects in real-time
  • Adding new projects to the calendar
  • Pausing, canceling, and finalizing projects (including hosting the resulting documentation)

And did we mention that you can access the CentricsIQ portal via an app on your phone as well?

More than Just Better Intelligence and Increased Visibility

CentricsIT welcomes accountability.

Which is why we provide clients with CentricsIQ. The more transparency and open communication we can foster between our workforce and yours, the faster and more accurately the work will be completed and the more efficient your environments will be.


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