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  • Great Price/Performance Value
  • Blade Power
  • Embedded Management

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The Sun Blade 6000 Chassis is a 10 slot, 10RU chassis with two sets of redundant power supplies and offers the same expansion options found in the 8000 series. Overall, the Sun Blade 6000 Chassis is a scaled-back version of the Sun Blade 8000 chassis, but it still packs plenty of power. This server is best for environments where space might be an issue, but you do not want to sacrifice quality. The Sun Blade 6000 Chassis offers great price/performance value, blade power, and embedded management.

Great Price/Performance Value

The Sun Blade 6000 Chassis offers an unmatched price/performance value. The 6000 chassis reduces power and cooling costs while also conserving space in your data center. It is able to reduce its data center footprint by consolidating its power and cooling infrastructures into a single 10RU chassis. The consolidation also supports mixed I/O types in an effort to meet various data requirements, while the quad-core Intel blades are ideal for virtualization.

Blade Power

The Sun Blade 6000 Chassis is able to simplify deployments by matching processor requirements for a variety of applications in a single chassis. The impressive blade power offers a wide range of blade options because you can mix and match dual socket Intel, AMD, and single SPARC-based blades in the same chassis. The integration of Oracle’s x86 and SPARC server blade modules are able to support a variety of application environments. Not only is the 6000 chassis flexible, it leads the industry in chassis bandwidth–up to 6.4 Tb/sec. Such a high bandwidth provides peak performance and protects your investment.

Embedded Management

The 6000 chassis offers a simplified management at no additional cost to the consumer. The simplified management is the Oracle integrated Lights Out Manager that reduces administration complexity. Each blade has an ILOM management card embedded that offers a web interface with out-of-ban power controls and console redirection. However, there are a few downsides to the embedded management. The 6000 doesn’t offer the Chassis Management Module’s Web Interface like the 8000 does, and it is limited in the fact that it runs best on Windows. Other than those minor faults, the overall package of the Sun 6000 chassis is very impressive.

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