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Hot Points:

  • The Juniper SRX 3400 and 3600 lines are next-generation firewalls designed to protect the network
  • SRX 3400/3600 is reliable and resilient with built-in redundancy
  • The price point is competitive for mid to large enterprise environments

For this month’s How We See IT column, we are featuring Juniper SRX 3400/3600 Firewalls. These firewalls boast integrated security features for a multitude of different environments. This next-generation firewall is equipped to deliver cutting-edge performance and scalability. Whether you’re looking for a smaller-scaled or enterprise-level security firewall, Juniper can supply the best fit for your needs.

Features and Capabilities

The Juniper SRX 3400 and 3600 lines offer a comprehensive security suite. This includes a multi-gigabit firewall, user role-based controls, web filtering, and Spotlight Secure — a security intelligence feature. In addition to the abundant security components, these features ensure reliability and resiliency via redundant hardware and components. Network segmentation also enables administrators to customize security solutions and policies to best meet the needs of their specific environment. If you’re also looking for a flexible interface, data consolidation, and the best firewall architecture design, Juniper’s SRX lines are a great option.

Advanced Specifications

With the storage solutions ranging in capacity, overall specifications and benefits include:

  • Maximum Security Policies: 40,000
  • Maximum Concurrent Sessions: 2.25 million
  • IPS Performance: 15 Gbps
  • VPN Performance: 15 Gpbs
  • Firewall Performance: 55 Gpbs


The Juniper SRX 3400 and 3600 lines offered by Juniper are excellent options when securing any network, and the price point is competitive for a mid to large enterprise environment. For a custom quote turned around within 24 hours, contact CentricsIT today.

Want More Information?
If you are in need of a cutting-edge security solution, Juniper’s SRX line is a great addition to your IT infrastructure. Request a quote from CentricsIT. We know you’ll be pleased with our pricing versus the OEM and our competitors. Each and every one of our Juniper Products distributed by CentricsIT is backed by a Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest assured that our certified team of trained engineers will be there to assist if any problem should ever arise.