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How We See IT:

For this month’s How We See IT feature, we are highlighting the VNX series offered by EMC. VNX is newer and has cutting-edge features that set it apart from the rest. This series is designed to fit environments ranging from mid-tier level to large enterprises. The user interface, Unisphere, is incredibly intuitive and simple, resulting in easy manageability. Increasing data capacity while simultaneously boosting storage demands is made easy with EMC’s VNX series.

Features and Capabilities

EMC’s VNX storage series has powerful multi-core Intel CPUs with an SAS backend. The unified storage is unmatched in terms of performance. If your company is in need of multi-protocol file, block, or object storage solutions, VNX delivers. This storage solution is incredibly scalable and is designed to combine powerful hardware with versatile, flexible software to keep up with consistently growing business needs.

The VNX family includes the following models:

  • VNXe3100
  • VNXe3150
  • VNXe3200
  • VNXe3300
  • VNX5100
  • VNX5200
  • VNX5300
  • VNX5400
  • VNX5500
  • VNX5600
  • VNX5700
  • VNX5800
  • VNX7600
  • VNX7500

An additional advantage of going with the VNX storage series is that it won’t break the bank. There are affordable entry-level options all the way up to dense, petabyte-capacity options that will fit the needs of any data center.

Advanced Specifications

  • With the storage solutions ranging in capacity, overall specifications and benefits include:
  • Unified management via Unisphere
  • EMC RecoverPoint available for unified replication regarding block and file data
  • Automated tiering
  • Capacity to support up to 1,500 drives
  • Block, file and object functionality
  • State-of-the-art hardware consisting of more memory and the latest multi-core processors.

Business Advantages

The VNX storage series offered by EMC is a great addition to any IT space. The robust platform is great for file, and you can even fine-tune your storage solutions with the Unisphere. Not only does the Unisphere help with integration, the easy-to-use interface boosts operating efficiency by up to 300 percent. The hassle of managing and monitoring your storage assets is now a thing of the past with the VNX series. Overall, the VNX is best for your virtual environment and any of your implementation needs.

Want More Information?

If you are in need of an unparalleled storage solution, the EMC VNX software series is a great addition to your IT infrastructure. Request a quote from CentricsIT. We know you’ll be pleased with our pricing versus the OEM and our competitors. Each and every one of our EMC Products distributed by CentricsIT is backed by a Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest assured that our certified team of trained engineers will be there to assist if any problem should ever arise.