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Hot Points:

  • Juniper EX Switches are scalable and efficient
  • Supports high-density data centers
  • Innovative technology that increases revenue and improves productivity

For this month’s How We See IT column, we are featuring Juniper EX Switches. We will be focusing on the EX4200 series and EX4550 series for this review. If you’re in need of quality, high-performance networking solutions with a scalable option, the EX line boasts several products that will fit your demands. These switches are economical, cost-efficient, and are great for business that require incredible performance options.

Juniper’s EX4200 series delivers on Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching capabilities and can satisfy a variety of high-performance applications. EX4200s consist of a single 24-port or 48-port switch that can be deployed right in the beginning or as the data center’s requirements grow. All EX4200 switches are redundant, have hot-swappable internal power supplies, and offers Class 3 PoE. Another impressive feature of the EX4200 line is the top-of-the-line Virtual Chassis. When multiple switches are interconnected into the Virtual Chassis configuration, all remaining elements act as a backup in the event the system were to fail. The redundancy found in these switches stands out amongst its competitors.

Juniper’s EX4550 Ethernet switches offer similar advantages to the EX4200 line. These switches are simple while being incredibly scalable and efficient. Each switch supports up to 480 Gbps of bandwidth boosting performance speeds. An advantageous feature also sported by the EX4550 switches is the small footprint it has with its single 1U platform, leading to energy efficiency and reduced costs.

If you’re looking for a switch that can optimize performance while reducing costs, the EX switch lines are an excellent addition to any data center. Businesses can benefit from the switches’ scalability and flexibility, while saving space due to the compact size. Regardless of your needs, Juniper offers multiple switches with different specifications, customized to offer the best solutions for increased productivity.

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