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With the levels of complexity for IT out there consistently growing and developing, methods of keeping up have to evolve as well. The options to stay on pace typically include software updates, firmware updates, hardware additions, and so many other advances. When most people think of the growth in IT, the first thought automatically jumps to new hardware or software. However, few generally think of the advancements made to the side that deals with the destruction of the old software and hardware. Hardware just doesn’t disappear and old software doesn’t vanish. There are too many security factors at risk to just leave towers and trails of IT technology to disintegrate over time. Proper data destruction methods and procedures have to be carried out.

CentricsIT currently provides a unique approach to data destruction by assessing the current fair market value of your electronic assets. Our methods of data destruction, whether it’s an eradication via software or a physical destruction, remains compliant with all major regulations like HIPAA and PCI. When hardware is outdated and it’s deemed obsolete, CentricsIT can perform onsite or offsite shredding to destroy any data bearing device while keeping the costs down for the client.

The latest addition is the Secure Transportable Unit for Data Destruction, or STUDD. When shredding services are performed, CentricsIT offers the STUDD solution. The STUDD securely contains any data bearing device. CentricsIT delivers one of these units to your facility where it can be secured in place. Once the unit is full or at the customer’s request, shredding services will be performed either on or offsite. If the process is onsite, the unit will be emptied, shredded, and all destroyed material will be sent back to a CentricsIT facility. If the services are offsite, the unit will be picked up when full and replaced with an empty one.

One article states: “IT procurement professionals are increasingly evaluating used-hardware resellers and third-party maintenance providers to reduce costs and extend the functional life of IT assets.” The analysis goes into further detail, explaining why IT procurement professionals seek used hardware and TPM solutions and how to take advantage of the cost savings associated with these options.

STUDD enables an easier, more secure solution for data destruction and is more convenient for the customer. Instead of just leaving old devices in a lockbox or in a closet somewhere, secure data destruction is a much better choice. Because CentricsIT adheres to strict zero-landfill policies, the customer is guaranteed the best recycling methods without the hassle of doing it themselves. Once the shredding of devices is completed, a Certificate of Data Destruction is provided to ensure the customer’s compliance with all major regulations and industry standards.

For companies that are in need of destruction and removal of dated data bearing devices and hardware, CentricsIT can provide a leading solution with STUDD. There’s little hassle involved and the method conforms to the customer’s needs. If you are interested in learning more about STUDD and CentricsIT, contact us today! We guarantee reliable and compliant destruction, recycling, and repurposing options that are best for you.