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Your Needs:

1. Low Cost of Operation
2. Efficient Management
3. High Levels of Uptime & Security

How We See IT:

If you’re working in a small space with limited resources and staff, finding the right equipment to ensure the uptime you need can be difficult. The newly released HP rx2800 i4 Integrity Server answers the call for reliable, scalable and budget-friendly infrastructure regardless of your company’s size or resources.

Low Cost of Operation

The HP rx2800 i4 Integrity Server boasts impressive 21% lower energy consumption and 33% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than comparable servers, meaning you can get more done while keeping more money in your pocket. The rx2800 earned the Energy Star label for its Low Voltage (1.35V) DDR3 memory and HP 80Plus Platinum Power Supplies, meaning you’ll which will save a great deal on energy costs over time. Boost performance up to 3.5x within a 2U foot-print with Intel® Itanium® 9500 series processors to boost memory bandwidth by 33%. HP Virtual Partitions and Virtual Machines help you save money on software licensing as well.

Efficient Management

If your IT staff is limited, enhancing productivity is key. The HP rx2800 i4 Integrity Server comes equipped with several features to make your resources go the extra mile. HP Integrity Integrated Lights-Out 3 (ILO 3) allows for remote management from anywhere in the world. ILO shares a management interface with ProLiant servers, so you can standardize your processes across the board for server management. The rx2800 is also highly-scalable, and can be deployed in a rack-mount tower or office-friendly form. Tailor the system to your infrastructure requirements with various options for HDDs, SSDs, Converged Network Adapters, 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps Network Adapters, 4 Gbps or 8 Gbps Fibre Channel Adapters, Multi-function Adapters, 6 Gbps SAS Controllers, Quad Data Rate InfiniBand, and graphics adapters. The rx2800 is extremely adaptable to your data center’s changing needs, allowing one or two Intel® Itanium® 9500 series processors having with four or eight cores and 33% higher memory bandwidth.

High Levels of Uptime & Security

The rx2800 supports your organizational security policy through a variety of in-server security features including Trusted Platforms Module(TPM) for storing encrypted passwords and SSL encryption (128-bit) for managing servers remotely. Enhanced Error detection, isolation and correction helps your IT staff diagnose and troubleshoot issues quickly, should they arise.

Want More Information?

The many benefits of the HP rx2800 i4 Integrity Server are sure to make it a hot commodity in the future. Even though the rx2800 is a new product to the market, CentricsIT has inventory available with a variety of configuration options. If your business’ data center requires low cost of operation, efficient management and high levels of uptime and security, request a quote from CentricsIT. Our pricing outshines the OEM and our competitors. Our HP products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty, so you can rest assured that our certified team of trained engineers will be there to assist if any problems arise.