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FixIT: Addressing Attention Lights on HP Integrity Servers

The CentricsIT engineering experts are here to help with your data center in our monthly FixIT column. This month, learn how to access and clear system error logs  to address attention lights on HP Integrity servers. Below, our engineers walk you through an example on how to first show the log, then select event, and finally select Text to make the log more readable. You can also clear the logs using the C command. If you need additional assistance, contact us to talk about our on-demand engineering options.    [mp] MP> SL   Event Log Viewer Menu:   Log Name            Entries    % Full      Latest Timestamped Entry --------------------------------------------------------------------------- E - System Event          741        72 %      21 Jan 2012 04:14:32 F - Forward Progress     4000       100 % B - Current Boot          148        [...]

How We See IT: HP rx2800 i4 Integrity Server

Your Needs: 1. Low Cost of Operation 2. Efficient Management 3. High Levels of Uptime & Security How We See IT: If you're working in a small space with limited resources and staff, finding the right equipment to ensure the uptime you need can be difficult. The newly released HP rx2800 i4 Integrity Server answers the call for reliable, scalable and budget-friendly infrastructure regardless of your company's size or resources. Low Cost of Operation The HP rx2800 i4 Integrity Server boasts impressive 21% lower energy consumption and 33% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than comparable servers, meaning you can get more done while keeping more money in your pocket. The rx2800 earned the Energy Star label for its Low Voltage (1.35V) DDR3 memory and HP 80Plus Platinum Power Supplies, meaning you'll [...]

How We See IT: HP Integrity Server Blades

At CentricsIT, we are your IT experts and here is what we have to say about HP Integrity Server Blades BL860c i2, BL870c i2, and BL890c i2. Your Needs: 1. Expansive Compute Density and Scalability 2. Seamless Future Product Enhancement Integration 3. Decreased Total Cost of Ownership How We See IT: Expansive Compute Density and Scalability: The structural design of the Integrity i2 server blades opens the doors to increased server scalability and flexibility by using HP's Unique Blade Link technology, which combines multiple blades. This results in a two-socket base blade on which four and eight-socket systems are built. These blades are a smart choice for your data center because, compared to traditional rackmount servers, they offer two and a half times the compute density. Each consecutive machine doubles [...]