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The Dell PowerEdge R820 is a high-performance server created for dense virtualization and scalability for database applications. It is a 4-socket, 2U rack server, and is a leading performer at running an extensive list of applications and virtualizing environments for enterprises large and small. The Dell PowerEdge is designed with concentrated power to enhance the application capacity in the data center. This is done by expanding your virtual environment by using the PowerEdge’s memory footprint and I/O options, as well as using its processing power and flexible fabric choices.

Features and Capabilities

The Dell PowerEdge R820 features an Intel® Xeon® processor from the E5-4600 product family. There is up to 3 TB of memory available and 16 TB of internal storage. It is compliant with IPMI 2.0 and operates with many of the Dell OpenManage systems management. The Dell PowerEdge R820 is highly efficient and can operate with remote management from the Lifecycle Controller.

Other features include its concentrated power and capacity. Dell PowerEdge R820 is built with a high-caliber Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4600 and 22-nanometer process technology to deliver incredibly fast speeds for performance. This is designed to help deliver the speeds necessary when dealing with compute-intensive tasks and has the capacity to handle such because each processor is equipped with 12 cores. The R820 also has advanced I/O and virtualization to help enhance your data center. This is to improve scalability and balancing. One additional feature that the R820 boasts is that it allows you to manipulate your network to match your needs. This is made possible by features like switch independent partitioning, which enables you to maximize all of your I/O performance.

Unrestrained Production

The Dell PowerEdge R820 rack server enables you to take full advantage of the scalability of your database applications and desktop virtualization. Its powerful systems management enables easy lifecycle manageability, extensive power, and other innovative management tools. Another advantage of the R820 hardware creates optimized operational efficiency. This helps ensure security and maintenance are reliable, available, and serviceable (RAS) through the design of the R820, and that the productivity of the data center is of the highest level. The versatile storage capacity and performance allow users to keep up with exponential data growth which, in turn, enables more effective asset management.

Business Advantages

Dell services help reduce the magnitude of IT complexity and ensure its business solutions are best for you. This means lower costs and eliminated inefficiencies. The Dell PowerEdge R820 was designed to get the most bang for your buck and operates in complex IT environments by automating all of the essential processes crucial to the server lifecycle management. The R820 also maximizes your data center’s application load. This is done by enabling the expansion of your virtual environment using the R820’s memory footprint. In addition to expanding the virtual environment, the R820 promotes maximum uptime using redundant, fail-safe hypervisors. The PowerEdge enables top-of-the-line virtualization with just a few easy steps, putting your business and data center at the forefront of technology.

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