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Your Needs:

  1. High Performance
  2. Scalable Service Options
  3. Cost-Effective Operation

How We See IT:

If you’ve been operating with a Cisco 7200, it’s time to launch forward to the new generation of Cisco routers. The ASR 1000 delivers powerful, versatile performance in a compact package.

High Performance

If you can’t afford downtime on your mission-critical applications, the Cisco ASR 1000 boasts the high-performance and resilient capabilities you need. The chassis allows for both redundant route processors (RPs) and embedded services processors (ESPs). This separation of control and data planes makes the machine ultra resilient against failures. The ASR1000 Series Router also utilizes Cisco IOS® Software High Availability features, such as Configuration Synchronization, Warm Standby, and Nonstop Forwarding with Stateful Switchover. The ASR’s Hardware and software redundancy round off a host of features that make the Cisco ASR 1000 series a stable solution for your critical projects.

Scalable Service Options

The Cisco Quantum Flow Processor powers an advanced set of features with hundreds of resources for improving the flow of data through your equipment. The CFP allows processing for many applications into more than 100,000 queues anywhere in the network. This powerful processor consolidates 40 cores (900 MHz to 1.2 GHz) into a single piece of silicon to deliver lightening fast and fully scalable operation.

Cost- Effective Operation

The Cisco ASR 1000 series shares SPAs with earlier models, so you avoid excessive parts sparing and save on parts. Additionally, the embedded services architecture allows for cost-effective, flexible and scalable multiservice aggregation. This means you can add encryption, firewall and QoS services without needing additional blades. With the ASR 1000, your IT staff will be empowered to adapt to quickly changing WAN environments at a lower price.

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