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Fundamentally, your business relies on the optimization of your IT infrastructure. This means that you need engineering talent to maintain the hardware and provide full IT lifecycle management—and you need high-quality talent across all of your sites.

Staffing fully functional IT teams at each of your data centers is unrealistically expensive, and so is flying them all over the world to take care of every amber light. If you don’t have the in-house resources to sustain the critical functions of your global infrastructure, it could be time to consider partnering with a global IT solutions provider

The Human Cloud

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could scale your IT team like the resource pools in the cloud?

That way—much like a cloud instance—you could increase your IT expertise on-demand and only pay for the resources you use when you use them.

  • When a site is in crisis, you could dispatch the right level of engineering talent directly to the data center to mitigate downtime and get your applications back online.
  • If a ransomware threat is detected at several of your depots, you could deploy experienced security engineers to all affected locations at once to quarantine the necessary units and get operations running smoothly again.
  • If you need to decommission a certain line of EOL hardware, you could have shredder trucks dispatched across all of your sites—both domestic and international—to maximize data security

But a “Human Cloud” isn’t just about spinning up.

Depending on the business that you conduct, your work might be more seasonal than others, with some part of the fiscal year requiring less production. A cloud instance spins up, but it can also be spun down to accommodate for reduced demand, meaning that you don’t have pay for what you don’t use.

If your IT team could function like a Human Cloud, then there would be no more vendor lock-in, inflexible contracts, redundant services, underutilized assets, or wasted OPEX.

A Full IT Lifecycle Management Solution—No Matter Where You Are

CentricsIT maintains a full IT lifecycle management solutions suite that covers all your enterprise hardware needs:

We combine our extensive knowledge of OEM and secondary market hardware with our international pools of L1-L3 level engineering talent to help your business succeed at a global scale. Because of our strategic global partnerships, we have the physical infrastructure in place to scale quickly and economically to your data center needs, no matter where you are.

This also means that we consistently support you through your natural busy and slow seasons—without charging you a premium for the convenience. Rather than lock our clients into inflexible contracts at set price points, we provide easy to use, flexible dispatch services that can be scheduled out both for habitual IT tasks or Helpdesk tickets in real-time.

Unmatched IT Service at a Global Scale

It’s one thing to find a vendor that effectively fits your current needs. It’s another thing entirely to find a vendor that has the bandwidth and the personalization capabilities to scale and flex with your growing business—and to do it globally.