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Here at CentricsIT, we are your IT experts. When any IT maintenance issue arises in your data center, we are here to help. If there is an error code you can’t fix, let us assist you in our monthly FixIT column. This month, we’re focusing on the HP Memory 207 Initialization Error.

The memory 207 initialization error will always appear during the boot process and will be accompanied by several loud beeps.  In addition to the basic error message, the screen will also display the specific processor slot and memory dims that are effected.

What are the Causes of the HP Memory 207 Initialization Error?

There are three possible causes of this error:

  • The memory dim is not seated properly or is faulty
  • Processor is dirty or damaged
  • Damaged processor slot

How Do You Cure the HP Memory 207 Initialization Error?

The following steps should be taken to cure the error and restore system functionality

  1. Power off the server and check to ensure the memory is clicked firmly into slot
  2. If upon inspection the inoperable dim is securely slotted, attempt to exchange it with a properly functioning dim.
  3. After the memory swap, power the server on to determine if the memory error reappears.
  4. If so, verify if the error reflects the original failed slot listed or if it now reflects the slot associated with the original dim
  5. If the error stays with the slot, then it is possible there is an issue with the processor or system board.
  6. Once you have determined that the memory dim is properly functioning, you need to power off the server and remove the processor in question.
  7. Check to make sure the processor is clean and does not have any visible damage.
  8. If there is no visible damage, exchange the faulty processor with a new one.
  9. If you have a 2 processor system, swap the processors.
  10. Power the system on to determine if the error occurs again.
  11. If the original processor continues to reflect an error in the new slot it will need to be replaced.
  12. If the error is reflected in the original location, the processor slot is damaged and a new system board will need to be installed in the system before it will work properly.

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