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When any maintenance issues arise in your data center, the CentricsIT FixIT experts are here to help. With this rare and unexpected Dell server issue, CentricsIT walks you through how to fix your Dell system when you’ve replaced a failed power supply with a known new/good one of the same part number, but your Dell system fails to power on.

You know your power supply is good, and all power supply lights are green. So, your Dell system not powering on doesn’t make any sense. You know the issue doesn’t lie in the hardware you just replaced, so you need to turn to another avenue to find the solution.

The Problem Causing Your Dell System to Fail to Power On? Firmware

This issue does not occur often. But, when it does, it can cause your already time-pressed IT team to waste a tremendous amount of time and effort troubleshooting the hardware—often when the hardware is perfectly fine.

The issue causing your Dell system not to power on lies in the mismatched firmware on the power supplies themselves.  The solution is simple. You just need to update or synchronize the firmware.

This can be done through the iDRAC interface:

iDRAC Interface - Dell System Fails to Power On

Or, with iDRAC9:

iDRAC9 - Dell System Fails to Power On

The firmware is obtained through Dell’s website under Drivers and Downloads for the service tag of the system.  Search according to your Dell product ID or Model.  Download the appropriate firmware for the power supplies you have and install.

Download Drivers - Dell System Fails to Power On

As always, it is important to keep the system firmware and bios up to date. Many people don’t realize that the power supplies themselves also have their own dedicated firmware that can cause an issue like the above. When encountering an error that causes your Dell system to fail to power on, the fault might lie in outdated power supply firmware.

Third-Party Maintenance with CentricsIT

CentricsIT is a comprehensive global IT solution provider. When you encounter an issue in the data center, whether when it’s your Dell system fails to power on or your hardware is reaching end-of-life (but not necessarily end-of-use), CentricsIT is here to help.

Our third-party IT maintenance is designed to seamlessly blend with OEM maintenance plans—or help you replace costly OEM support entirely. Isn’t it time to see how much you can save in the data center?

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