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The days of “jack of all trades” has come to an end within the IT operational services space. The high degree of fragmentation and complexity makes it near impossible for one resource to be able to do all things IT, making engineer vetting challenging.

In addition to evaluating technical capabilities, an individual’s fit for the environment can overshadow the capabilities of many of today’s IT field services vendors.  There are significant differences in the soft skills necessary to deliver data center/back office services as compared to those attributes needed to deliver client-facing services, and a good engineer vetting process will allow you to find that perfect fit.

The CentricsIT Engineering team has developed a very stringent engineer vetting process where our experts evaluate current skills, understand individual temperament, and analyze what assignments will ensure the highest quality results for our clients and partners.

We believe our processes are revolutionary in the industry, and we consider them best practices for the attainment and retention of top talent.

Engineer Vetting Best Practices

CentricsIT understands and accepts the responsibilities associated with owning the outcome of any service we commit to delivering.  Because of this, our resource validation process for our partners, contractors, and employees must have a very myopic focus on the technical skills “each” resource possesses at the time of validation, as well assessment of their soft skills.  Our vetting engineers are the top performers within each of his or her given areas of discipline and quickly identify strengths and weaknesses of each potential resource.

CentricsIT prides itself with having a continuous 97.3% overall SLA and client satisfaction rating.  The achievement of such an industry-leading benchmark is concrete evidence our vetting processes are, in fact, best in class.

Our vetting typically comprises:

  • Technical aptitude
  • Problem-solving and logical reasoning
  • Soft skills necessary
  • Professional courtesy, work ethic, and individual integrity

Ultimately, our experts create a user profile that aligns technical skills, personality traits, and communication capabilities with each service ordered from our clients regardless of what, when or where needed.  

Be Exceptional Now with Us

CentricsIT understands that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Our 20 years of experience has afforded us the opportunity to meet great resources across the globe and build lasting relationships. These relationships with our SmartHands engineers are where our clients know they will always receive the best of the best when it comes to service delivery.

That’s why we assign a project coordinator to help them organize their activities and ensure completion of all associated tasks to the highest degree of client satisfaction. We stress the importance of transparency and open communication between CentricsIT, the engineers, and our customers.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Unforeseen issues do arise during IT service delivery, and it’s important to quickly address any concerns and escalate them as necessary. Our engineers and their project coordinators are trained to keep our customers abreast of all events, expected or unexpected, and check in before, during, and after task completion.

CentricsIT leverages our SmartSheets portal to assign, track and manage service delivery.  This portal provides an electronic framework for consist communication and quality outcomes for our clients.  SmartSheets enables our engineers to deliver the same exceptional service(s), regardless of location, with real-time end to end transparency.

Our vetting processes and underlying assignment algorithms ensure our clients receive the best resources from our network of most qualified providers, partners, contractors, and employees for each work order.

The Bottom Line

Assigning the right resources with the right capabilities wherever and whenever needed requires very strong relationships nurtured and stringent engineer vetting processes. In a business known for fleeting trends and turnover, CentricsIT differentiates itself by building deep lasting relationships, delivering exceptional service, and treating every opportunity as if it is our only opportunity to make a lasting impression.

Are you unsure of where to begin when partnering with IT engineers? Contact CentricsIT today and inquire about our vetted IT partners in your area.