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Purchasing refurbished IT hardware offers many advantages for a business of any size. By purchasing refurbished hardware, a company can save money without sacrificing quality. On average, hardware that is restored is between 6 and 18 months old. That means there are refurbished options available for even the latest technology.

Where does it come from?

Refurbished hardware comes from many sources. The market is in free flow due to the numerous sources for high-quality used equipment. According to Processor Magazine, the top sources are end users, equipment coming off lease, manufacturer take outs, and asset recovery and disposal channels. End users are simply looking to update their hardware, refurbished_hardware_truthnot due to damage, but simply to purchase new hardware. Equipment coming off lease is usually in very good condition and only about one to two years old. Other sources include customer returns, cancelled orders, damaged products, overstocks, and demonstrations. Equipment coming from these sources is thoroughly tested, and any component that isn’t in working condition is replaced. The equipment is then updated to meet current standards and tested once more to re-verify the results. After acquiring and updating the equipment, the refurbished hardware is as good as new and up to 70% less expensive.

Why is refurbished better?

At the end of the day, purchasing refurbished hardware is smart. Buying used IT equipment is a lot like buying a used car. It offers the best quality at its price point. Due to multiple quality tests, refurbished equipment tends to have better performance ratings than new equipment. Used equipment is also backed by warranties, support, and maintenance plans. Furthermore, restored equipment is the best option if a business has a lean IT budget and needs to purchase quality equipment at a fair price.

Refurbished hardware offers high quality and warranties at the lowest cost. Not only will it save your business’ bottom line, it will help save the planet. Instead of quality used products wasting away in landfills, renewed equipment recycles quality hardware.

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