The Value of On Demand Field Engineering Services

This post was contributed by CentricsIT Global Services Executive Don Pettingill and Account Executive Evan Arison. Pettingill and Arison work from the CentricsIT office in Charlotte, NC (USA). Technology organizations continuously struggle with the short term incremental needs of their incident and request management service offerings.  The challenge to deliver high quality consistent outcomes continues to increase in difficulty [...]

Summertime Means Summer Vacations… And PTO Backfill

Summer will be here in just a few short weeks. And with summer comes wanderlust—strong desires for sunlit beaches, snow-capped mountain views, and tropical paradises. On top of that, your employees have family reunions to attend, holiday cookouts to throw, and they need time to recover from the dark months of winter. And that means PTO backfill. More [...]

#CommonSenseIT: SmartHands Engineering for PTO Backfill

What to Do When You’re Short-Staffed and Your Employees Need a Vacation Gartner has established the ideal end-user-to-IT-employee golden ratio as 70:1; however, the current corporate average is actually closer to 200:1. Meaning that, if you wanted to go by Gartner’s recommendation and fully cover your company’s day-to-day help desk demands, you would need to hire an average [...]

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