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How We See IT: IBM x3650 M4

In this month's feature, we are focusing on IBM System x3650 M4. This server provides top-of-the-line performance and is designed with better scalability than other comparable-type servers. The advanced features allow for more computing power while maintaining availability and speed at reduced costs. With the IBM System x3650 M4, you can expect optimal performance. The server's reliability enables outstanding uptime; the x3650 M4 comes complete with an architecture ideal for business-critical applications. Features and Capabilities The x3650 M4 has more functionality than the average server while also being significantly cheaper compared to other servers in its class. The server supports 16 total Bays, storing up to 18 TB of information—way more than average. The M4 has 32 GB of standard memory capacity, maxing out at 768 GB. In addition to [...]