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Hot Points:

  • Delivers superior ROI
  • Reduces operational cost
  • Minimizes risks for growth

For this month’s How We See IT column, we are featuring NetApp’s hybrid storage arrays. We will be focusing on the FAS2500 series for this review. If you’re in need of storage arrays that deliver a great ROI, reduce operational cost, and minimize risks for growth, the FAS2500 will exceed your storage expectations. These storage arrays are economical, flexible, and simplify storage operations.

The NetApp FAS2500 hybrid storage array allows your organization to maximize the long-term value of your IT investment. It has the capability to accelerate your SAN and NAS workloads with up to 20x more flash. Because of this capability, it can accelerate workloads by up to 46%. The hybrid/flash disk design means that workloads can perform well at a lower cost. All of these features combine to drive increased efficiency and therefore, reduced TCO.

In addition to greater ROI, the FAS2500 reduces staff and maintenance costs. The automation features of the NetApp management software allow operators to manage more capacity with fewer people and have less requirements for specialized expertise. The unified features allow users to run many workloads on the same physical system. As a result, it reduces the need to deploy and manage a wide variety of different systems. NetApp hybrid storage arrays have the capability to be used for various workloads. Because of this, admins can spend less time learning how to maintain systems and be more proficient in accomplishing these tasks without errors that increase cost and risk. Between the automation features and unified storage features, the NetApp FAS2500 reduces the complexity and risk of these tasks while reducing operational costs.

With FAS2500 in place, your organization has the ability to grow while minimizing risk. Storage systems that don’t adapt increase risk by locking users into a system that’s out of date for what they need down the road. NetApp systems make it easy to start small and then grow the system as demand grows, minimizing up-front investment. Capacity, performance, and bandwidth can be expanded without interruption, making it easier to grow with data over time.

If you’re looking for a storage solution that can optimize performance while reducing costs, the NetApp FAS2500 line is an excellent addition to any data center. Businesses can benefit from the storage array’s scalability and flexibility, while reducing costs and TCO. Regardless of your needs, NetApp offers multiple storage options that will fit with your growing and expanding business.

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