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For this month’s How We See IT column, we are featuring the Juniper Networks® EX4550 Ethernet Switch. This line offers high-performance solutions and power efficiency while being extremely economical. These models enable up to 10 interconnected switches to operate under one IP address while offering numerous solutions for data centers and campus deployments. In addition, the Juniper Networks EX4550 Ethernet Switch is simple, scalable, and highly available.

Hot Points:

  • High performance
  • Power Efficiency
  • Economical

High Performance

The compact EX4550 Ethernet switch can be used in large branch offices, campus wiring closets, and data centers offering carrier-class reliability in every application. With its integrated security risk management, the switch delivers network protection, guest access, and identity-based quality of service (QoS). The EX4550 series is also compatible with other EX series switches based on its unique Virtual Chassis technology and reliability.

Power Efficiency

The EX4550 Ethernet switch is extremely energy efficient as it offers a low power solution. In addition, it has a multitude of power efficient features, some of which include consistent power and cooling, protocol restart, and QoS. Another standard EX4550 switch feature is that it offers dual internal AC power supplies with variable-speed fans to reduce power consumption. With this feature, the switch is protected from a single power supply or fan failure.


The EX4550 model is an extremely cost-effective switch with its advanced architecture and innovative design reducing operational expenses. The unified network management and automation tools consolidate system monitoring and maintenance, saving time, money and energy.

Want More Information?

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