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Turning to the Secondary Market for Networking Hardware

Global companies of all sizes, and organizations in every vertical seek out used servers, storage, and networking equipment in an effort to cut costs in the data center. For nearly 25 years, this market has grown from businesses run out of home garages to multi-billion dollar enterprises. When you choose to on the secondary market, your choices are numerous — so how do you select your secondary IT provider? Price is an obvious factor, but there are other signs you should look for when looking for networking equipment on the secondary market.

Things to Look for in a Secondary IT Provider.

  • The reseller issues a warranty on all hardware purchases
  • Your used IT equipment is certified for OEM maintenance upon request
  • The reseller employs trained technicians who methodically test and inspect the equipment, using guidelines such as CentricsIT’s 101 Point Inspection
  • Your sales rep returns your calls in a timely manner and answers all of your questions and addresses your concerns professionally and with product expertise
  • The reseller can provide account references and customer testimonials
  • The reseller operates out of a secure office and warehouse facility
  • The reseller has a comprehensive company website

Warning Signs – What to Avoid When Buying Used IT Hardware.

  • Deals that seem “too good to be true.” You can save 50-90% buying used, depending on the product and manufacturer. But if you see a deal that is significantly less than your other used options, proceed with caution.
  • Online auction Web sites – you don’t know if this is a reputable company
  • Equipment listed “as is,” without a warranty

Source Your Networking Hardware through CentricsIT

Our impressive inventory of networking equipment, such as Cisco SwitchesCisco RoutersHP networking appliancesJuniper networking equipment, and other top-manufacturer machines, enables you to easily add infrastructure capacity or deploy security. And with our networking experts available to guide you, technical networking issues, such as legacy migrations and interoperability issues, are easily managed.

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