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  • HPE Proliant

  • HPE BladeSystem

  • HPE Integrity

  • HPE Synergy

  • HPE Apollo


Kay Gudlavaletti is an HPE and Dell Infrastructure Specialist at CentricsIT, with nearly a decade of experience excelling in sourcing and reselling enterprise compute equipment. He focuses on HPE and Dell servers, honing his expertise in providing top-notch solutions to clients worldwide.

With extensive experience in sourcing and reselling enterprise compute equipment, he has demonstrated strong proficiency in HPE and Dell server lines. His in-depth understanding of both current and legacy server technologies has garnered him a stellar reputation in the industry. A seasoned professional in global server resale, he possesses a comprehensive skill set that allows him to cater to diverse client requirements. His strong expertise in HPE and Dell servers empowers him to deliver tailored solutions that optimize the value of businesses’ IT infrastructures.

He holds a degree in Information Technology Management from Georgia State University, laying a solid foundation for his success in the technology realm. At CentricsIT, his exceptional performance has consistently placed him among the top-reviewed account representatives. His unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences has earned him the trust and loyalty of his clients.


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