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Design, procurement, installation, integration, maintenance, and disposition—IT lifecycle management is difficult already. However, between your hardware OEM, the monitoring and servicing provider, your downstream recycling partners, and outsourcing and billing vendors (among many others you have on your payroll) you face a new logistical challenge altogether: managing and paying a litany of vendors. This is where vendor consolidation comes in. Why not simplify this to one vendor and one bill, saving considerable money?

You hire external vendors to increase efficiency, but coordinating across the many different points of contact for each actually creates even more work. In this case, you patch one inefficiency only to create another.

The Pain of Too Much ‘Help’

As you and your accountants know, each of your many vendors—in addition to the vendor’s standard billing—takes its own profit margin when you contract with the company. These fees and percentages may seem trivial, but they add up quickly with each additional vendor. There’s no avoiding outsourcing; you need the help. But your OPEX should not have to accommodate this exponential drain on your resources.

Additionally, if you have as many (or more) vendors as there are IT lifecycle management steps, then you run the risk of inefficiencies in coverage and communication. Not only might you have separate vendors for various aspects of your operational requirements, you may even have numerous service providers for different lines and versions of hardware. If you have an issue with your IBM x86 servers, for instance, but you are uncertain which vendor is providing the maintenance or part procurement, then you could have to call numerous vendors before you identify the correct one.

Your company’s time and money are resources that should be conserved as much as possible, especially when it affects your ability to provide your clients with your services. These complicated vendor logistics can hinder your ability to do so.

It’s time to consolidate.

The CentricsIT Customizable Vendor Consolidation Solution

With our global network of strategic partners, CentricsIT offers comprehensive, yet flexible, IT vendor consolidation services—no matter where you operate and no matter what IT demands you have. You no longer have to deal with the logistics of long, inefficient lists of disparate vendors. From the earliest stages of procurement to the very end of ITAD, CentricsIT delivers a single vendor solution for the entirety of your company’s IT lifecycle management requirements.

Our extensive network grants us access to IT resources for any part of the IT lifecycle, including:

By consolidating your IT management under CentricsIT, not only will you have unlimited resources and deployable expertise at your disposal, you will have a single point of contact for any IT management need that arises. This move will restore consistency to reporting and documentation processes. Moreover, by only having one vendor—and consequently, one bill—you will save considerable amounts of money since you no longer pay the profit margin for multiple vendors.

Our solution does not have to be an all-or-nothing decision. We are fully capable of handling your company’s entire IT lifecycle; however, if you want to retain your current purchasing vendor, our contracts are entirely flexible to your needs. We will gladly incorporate your current vendors into our consolidated services. Even with the retention of one or two other vendors, we make it so that you continue to enjoy the benefits of our solution’s simplicity and efficiency.

Start Streamlining

There is more to manage with individual players. And it’s much harder with a bunch of external companies to keep those separate players aligned with what your company needs to be successful.

Simply put: time and money are some of your most precious assets. Preserve your resources by streamlining your IT management processes.